CR2450 Coin Key Battery

cr 2450 coin key battery

The CR2450 3v Lithium Coin Key Battery is commonly used in modern smart key fobs in BMW, Ford and other car makers. It is also used in electronics, helmets, candles and other small battery powered IOT devices. Most CR2450 batteries hold around ~600-640 mAh of charge.

Buying a CR 2450 Online

When buying any batteries on Amazon you have to be careful of fake or used batteries repackaged to look new. Always check batteries with a multimeter and buy from reputable sellers on Amazon. Here’s my pick for a good, reliable CR2450 from Amazon:

Energizer Lithium Coin Blister Pack Watch/Electronic Batteries, 1 Count (Pack of 2)
  • Pack of 2 batteries
  • Lithium coin batteries for watches and electronic devices
  • Has a power of 3 volts

CR2450 Car Key Fobs

The CR2450 is used in the following car key fobs in later years:

CR 2450 Specs

The CR2450 is classified as a “Lithium Coin” battery. The Chemical system is: Lithium / Maganese Dioxide or Li/MnO2. ANSI designation is NEDA-5029LC, IEC designation is CR2450. Nominal voltage is 3.0 Volts. Normal capacity is around 620 mAh. Normal weight of the CR2450 is 6.8 grams or 0.22 ounces. The CR2450 will self discharge around ~1% a year, giving it a great shelf life.

CR 2450 Discharge Rate

Typical discharge rate of a 7.5K ohms continuous load is shown above. At 2.9 volts, you will pull 0.39 mA.