How To Change the Replaceable Battery in a Apple AirTag

Stick around!

This is our AirTag and you can see we’ve got the shiny side and then the kind of matte white side. To open up the battery, you depress on the left side and rotate.

Like that, and that’ll pop it open.

Once we’ve got the battery here, you’ll see it’s a CR 2032. This is the most common coin battery.

When you put a new battery in, just make sure that you keep the positive side facing towards you, CR 2032 and we don’t want any bitter.

Sometimes they coat these with something better so that, you know, kids don’t swallow them. So 2032, coin battery, make sure the positive side if facing you.

Pop it back in.

There is kinda three indentations.

You can see there’s these three protrusions on the AirTag itself, just make sure those line up.

And then press in and rotate to the right and you’ll hear the AirTag turn on there and you’re all set. So that’s how you change the battery on the Apple AirTag and again, the battery that you need is to see a CR twenty thirty two coin battery.

So press left, rotate.

It will pop out, new battery, make sure the positive side is facing towards you.

Put it back in.

Line up the three protrusions and twist to the right.

Okay. Hope this is helpful.