Alfa Romeo Key Fobs — Everything You Need to Know

Alfa Romeo, Inc. introduced keyless entry remotes later than some car manufacturers. It made the key fob available for the new Giulia in 2017. Shortly after that, the 2018 Stelvio model joined the Giulia model in offering this convenient feature.

If you’re a proud owner of a newer Alfa Romeo, you likely have a key fob to operate it. Unfortunately, while this device can be quite beneficial when you’re in a hurry, you may not fully understand all the knowledge that comes with owning one. It’s also likely that you’ll need to replace your current fob eventually since these small devices can become lost or damaged easily.

In this guide, we’ll outline everything you need to know about Alfa Romeo keyless entry remotes. You’ll discover how they work, signs you need to replace your current device, programming guidelines, and more.

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How Do You Start the Alfa Romeo Giulia with Key?

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Starting your Alfa Romeo Giulia with a key fob is quite simple, and the process is very similar to other Alfa models.

You’ll begin by grabbing the door handle to unlock the driver’s door. Sensors inside the car should detect your hand and unlock the door. You can also push the button on the door handle if the sensors don’t detect your hand. As long as the remote is on your person, the door should unlock with ease.

Once you step inside the vehicle with the remote on you, you can start the vehicle. Press down on the brake and push the Start/Stop engine button located on the steering wheel. The engine should turn on, and you’ll be free to drive from one place to another.

What Else Can My Remote Do?

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One of the most convenient functions your Alfa remote offers is the panic button.

You may be familiar with the concept of walking out of a store with a million items and not having a clear idea of where you parked. Instead of looking frantically, just hit the remote’s panic button. The vehicle’s turn signals will start flashing, and a loud alarm will go off for a short period of time, which will help you search for your vehicle.

Once you’ve completed your search and found your car, you can turn off the lights and sound before their running time finishes. Just press the panic button on your remote and hold it in for one second.

How Much Does an Alfa Romeo Key Fob Cost?

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From reading online posts, we’ve found that the price of an Alfa remote starts at around $100. However, different customer posts have indicated that the price menu will vary, depending on the vehicle’s year and model.

As you’re looking for a new Alfa remote, you’ll be able to see it’s not necessarily a cheap purchase. However, the convenient use it provides will make the investment well worth it.

Why Is My Alfa Romeo Key Fob Not Working?

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Your Alfa remote may not be working because your car’s battery is dead. In this case, you’ll have to pull up your “Contacts” menu and dial your local mechanic.

However, the problem could be much smaller. For example, the batteries within your remote might be growing weak. When your remote’s batteries start to die, your vehicle won’t recognize the remote’s presence and will refuse to start. Here’s all the information you need on replacing your AR remote’s batteries:

Replacing the Batteries

All you’ll need to get started is a small flat-blade screwdriver and the appropriate battery. A battery like the CR2032 3-volt fits many AR remotes, but you’ll have to find out the right one for your vehicle. From there, you can follow these instructions:

  1. Slide the remote’s cover off and remove the emergency key from its housing.
  2. Take off the battery plug by turning it to the left.
  3. Use the screwdriver to help you pry out the old battery.
  4. Place the new battery in the slot with the positive side facing up.
  5. Reinsert the battery plug and screw it tight.
  6. Reinsert the emergency key the way you found it.
  7. Put the remote’s cover back on and snap it shut.

The process may take some getting used to, as the components are small and difficult to see. However, once you get used to it, you’ll be able to replicate the results when your batteries die in the future.

If you don’t feel comfortable replacing the batteries yourself, you can take your remote to a store specializing in the auto repair business. Mechanics or even automotive locksmiths will have the batteries, tools, and electronics necessary to get your remote back in working order.

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How Do I Change My Alfa Romeo Key Fob?

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If the battery replacement process didn’t work, you might have to change out your entire Alfa remote.

Review the content in your car manual. With this content in tow, you’ll know exactly what kind of remote your car requires. Reviewing the content incorrectly and purchasing the wrong remote keys will leave you with nonfunctioning items.

Most AR car owners will buy a new key fob from their dealer. However, you can also shop online on sites like Amazon or eBay.

We recommend reviewing the product description and content on a supplier’s website before you buy from it. This way, you can ensure the key fob will work for the year and model of your car.

Should I Buy an Alfa Romeo Key Fob Replacement?

Even if you already have one or two Alfa Romeo keyless entry remotes, it’s a great idea to shop for replacement keys. A replacement key will come in handy if you can’t find your original device. You won’t have to search high and low if you’re in a hurry.

Can You Program a New Alfa Romeo Key Fob Yourself?

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Many online forums post about programming Alfa Romeo keyless entry remotes yourself. While some people have experienced success following these posts, you shouldn’t solely rely on these posts.

To get you familiar with the idea of programming, you can review these general steps:

  1. Turn on your vehicle’s ignition.
  2. Press the fob’s lock button and aim it at the transmission receiver.
  3. Turn off the ignition.

Always refer to the content in your car’s manual for the most detailed and accurate programming instructions.

Some vehicle owners like the idea of saving money and programming themselves, but others are more content to have professionals complete the task.

Final Thoughts — The Alfa Romeo Key Fob

Obtaining a new Alfa Romeo remote can seem like a grueling process. But, as long as you follow the information we’ve outlined here, you should have an easy buying experience.

When in doubt, visit your local car dealer and ask for their help. Here, experienced professionals can help you navigate the battery replacement (or remote replacement) process. If you’d like to save some money, head online and see the options available for sale.