Aston Martin Key Fobs — Everything You Need to Know

Aston Martin is a luxury car producer based in the United Kingdom. This manufacturer has produced many gorgeous models over the years. These models include the iconic DB5 (best known as the preferred car of James Bond) and the 2005 V8 Vantage, the company’s all-time best-selling car.

Feeling like 007 has always been one of the perks of driving an Aston. The company’s addition of a luxury product like the Sapphire Crystal keyless entry unit only added to this sensation.

The dazzling replacement for traditional keys gave users in the late 2000s a distinct feeling that they were using the hottest new product from Q-branch, and it remains one of the most gorgeous key fobs around today.

Aston Martin Key Fob Battery Replacement

The last thing you want to do with such a high-end product is write off to Aston Martin for a replacement. Luxury remotes come at a steep price, which is why it’s important to know how simple battery replacement is.

Below we’ve put together a guide to the replacement batteries you’ll need and answered your questions on Aston Martin key fob battery replacement.

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Aston Martin Models Using a Key Fob

There are two main types of key fobs for the AM brand: the Sapphire Crystal key fob and the Aston Martin key fob. Both implement the CR2032 battery type.

The following models use either of these versions:

  • DBS
  • DB9
  • Virage
  • Vantage
  • V8 Vantage
  • Vanquish/Vanquish Volante
  • Rapide

How to Change the Battery in the Aston Martin Sapphire Crystal Key Fob

Fitting a replacement battery into this key can be a fiddly business. You’ll probably need a very small screwdriver, but a bit of hassle on the menu is nothing compared to the price of having to search for a copyright replacement.

  1. Use a tiny flat-blade screwdriver to remove the two screws in the back and gain entry to the car key.
  2. Once you remove the screws from the back, you’ll see that you may slide the case apart into three pieces.
  3. Please keep the key face-down to avoid the buttons falling out (you can easily put them back if you need to).
  4. Search the case for any grime and clean it if necessary.
  5. You should see six tiny screws securing the battery. Take your time removing these — it can be fiddly work.
  6. Replace the old battery with a new CR2032 battery
  7. Replace the screws and slide the case back together, taking care to keep the buttons on the correct site location.
  8. Please test that the new battery works. Your keys should unlock your car, and you can start the ignition if appropriate.

How to Change the Battery in the Aston Martin Key Fob

The key for most Aston cars, such as the ever-popular Vantage, comes with an easily replaceable battery. You’ll find that all you need to do to insert a new battery is to:

  1. Slide the back of the unit away.
  2. Replace the battery with a new one.
  3. View the fob to find any areas you still have to clean before use.
  4. Again, please test that the fob unlocks your car and starts the ignition with the new battery.


How much is an Aston Martin key?

Sapphire Crystal models come at a high price. Still, if you like the finer things and you’re committed to the brand name, you can get this key from a trustworthy retail site for a few hundred dollars.

Cars made in 2021 typically come with a standard electronic key, as well as a replacement and an emergency key. You can see what a new car may come with and check the price on the company site.

How do you open an Aston Martin key?

Depending on which key you get, you may have to use a small screwdriver or even a 2mm Allen key to view the inside of your fob. Any questions about putting a new battery in keys made up to 2021 may be answered in full by your local dealer.

How do I change the battery in my Aston Martin key fob?

Follow our handy step-by-step guide above to learn how to put a new battery in your key. It’s worth noting that the company tends to use a single battery type (CR2032). So if you’re buying a new car, it’s worth having a few of these on hand. It’ll save you some time when you find you need a new battery.

What battery goes in my Aston Martin Sapphire Crystal fob?

This inquiry is one of the most common questions we answer. The good news is that the fob may come at a high price, but the battery is super-easy to get a hold of. You’ll see that it uses the same CR2032 battery as any other key from Aston Martin.

If you like this model enough to pay the price (and it’s so pretty, a real treat to view), you’ll need to visit your local hardware store and ask a few questions about the smallest screwdrivers they have. The screws that hold this key together are very tiny and difficult to see.

You may also like to put a towel down before you change the battery. You’ll see that this will stop the screws from rolling away from you.

How much do batteries for an Aston Martin key fob cost?

The CR2032 batteries you need come at the hefty price of… a couple of bucks. It’s worth buying from a reputable brand — you’re not paying much extra for the guarantee of quality.

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What is the rarest Aston Martin?

The rarest model ever produced by Aston Martin is the Bulldog. There is a grand total of one of these cars in existence, so you’re unlikely to see it on the roads.

The vehicle was manufactured in 1980 and was intended to reach a top speed of 200mph. It ultimately didn’t reach this goal, and the production of more units was canceled due to the high cost. However, it’s been reported that the 200mph goal is back on the menu, with the current owner looking to restore this ultra-rare model.