Bentley Key Fobs: Everything You Need to Know

If you drive a Bentley, or even if you’re just enthusiastic about this luxury car brand, you’ll surely want to see all the technological advancements and new accessories associated with Bentley Motors Limited. One of the most important accessories that go along with your Bentley car is, of course, the key fob. In recent years, the key fob has gone from being a simple button to lock and unlock your car to an advanced piece of automotive technology with a plethora of new and useful features.

If you’re driving a new Bentley, you’ve already seen the convenience and ease that comes with its remote. But are all Bentley fobs the same? What are the different kinds, and how do you program them to your vehicle? What do you do if your key fob is lost or broken? Please, don’t worry! You’ll see the answers to all these questions and more in the text below.

What Is a Key Fob?

A key fob is a remote device that can lock and unlock a car from a distance. Rather than walking all the way up to your Bentley vehicle and inserting the key in the door to open it, you unlock the door by clicking a button. You need to be within range of the vehicle for it to work, but as long as you can see your car as you approach, you should be close enough. Depending on the model of your vehicle, you may see other advanced features such as remote engine start or automatic folding top for a convertible. As Bentley is a luxury car brand, its products usually have more advanced features than most.

Are Bentley Key Fobs All the Same?

If you search around your local Bentley dealership, you should see a wide variety of different key fob options. Not only are the fobs going to differ based on the model of each vehicle, but these remote devices also fall into some different general categories based on their capabilities. Please see below to learn what the two main groups are.

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Standard Remote

The standard remote is one of the simplest versions around. These key fobs generally have an understated design with only a few features — typically remote keyless entry and a panic button. They are compatible with cars that use the traditional “key in lock” ignition.

Smart Remote

As these key fobs are more high-tech and futuristic, they tend to come with more advanced features. In addition to remote keyless entry, they probably also have remote engine start and some form of automatic trunk/folding hood capabilities. Smart remotes use proximity tracking technology to tell if you’re near your 2021 Bentley before starting the engine.

Features to Look Out For

On your search for the ideal Bentley key fob, you want to find the model with the best capabilities. Let’s see what sort of things your Bentley keyless device can do for you!

Remote Keyless Entry

Securely locking and unlocking your car from a distance is one of the most important features. You will see this capability on every model.

Keyless Engine Start

This feature is a more advanced capability of smart key fobs. The proximity technology can see how far you are from your 2021 Bentley vehicle, so it can start the engine with the press of a button if you’re within range.

Panic Button

The panic button activates the vehicle’s alarm system, allowing you to see your car in a crowded parking lot or scare off those who are up to no good.

Trunk Unlock

Are your hands full? Not to worry! The convenience of the automatic trunk open/close feature is sure to please any busy driver.

Automatic Folding Top

Wouldn’t it be cool to see your convertible top open by itself as you walk up? Look for a device with an automatic folding top feature.

Should I Buy a Bentley Key Fob from eBay Inc.?

While you will find Bentley key fobs on eBay for relatively cheap, it’s not the most comfortable browsing experience. There’s no guarantee that you’ll find the right model, and it may not be clear if the product you’re receiving even has a Bentley copyright. It can be hard to see what you need in the eBay search results because of the platform’s design. For all these reasons, eBay Inc. is not the best company to buy Bentley key fobs from.

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However, with an online vendor specifically dedicated to key fobs, you can filter your search results by model and year. Sites like these make it way easier to see the device you need for your 2021 Bentley model in the search results. And when it arrives, you’ll know it has a genuine Bentley copyright. Having a site interface designed for dealing with car parts makes the search process very clear. Being able to see the model, year, and device type in a clear spot in the search results is sure to please any user.

How Much Do Bentley Key Fobs Cost?

At the dealer, you’ll see that Bentley keyless devices can go for hundreds of dollars. In the eBay Inc search results, you might see some Bentley fobs of dubious authenticity for surprisingly cheap, and the reasons for avoiding these are clear. From a reputable third-party key fob vendor, however, you can get genuine Bentley copyright key fobs for a reasonable price. The interface will let you not only filter your search results by model but also by price, so you can see the best deals.

Bentley Remotes — The Bottom Line

No matter what model of Bentley car you drive, you’ll want to make sure to have the most up-to-date key fob so you can experience all the luxuries that come with this brand. Now with automotive e-commerce sites, it’s easier than ever to search for the proper key fob accessory to go with your 2021 Bentley vehicle. Please get yours today and see what the wonders of remote keyless entry can do for you!