Bugatti Key Fobs — Everything You Need to Know

Luxury cars like a Ferrari, BMW, or Bugatti Chiron can be a symbol of high-class status and wealth throughout the world. Have you recently bought a luxury car, such as a new 2021 Bugatti? A Bugatti is a very expensive, high-performance automobile that needs a luxury key fob to accompany it.

Key fobs are a keyless entry system to open and close your car doors from a distance. There is a short-range radio transmitter inside the key fob, which sends a loading signal to a receiver device inside the Bugatti. When a button on the car’s key fob is pushed, your extravagant Bugatti Veyron doors will open.

Read this guide to learn everything you need to know about purchasing a key fob for your Bugatti.

Features & Functions

Bugatti’s key fobs have the basic outline structure and buttons as regular key fobs to add to your car keys.

Basic Buttons

They come with basic features like locking, unlocking, remote engine starting, hood and trunk releasing, and alarm starting. Smart keyless remotes also come with a new uncut emergency insert key.

In addition, the transmitter in these key fobs also works with push-to-start engines. This basic option of a fob is easy to fix or replace if ever broken, and the batteries can be easily replaced. You can find a video online with more information to see how the features work.

Safety Features

What makes key fobs safe is their security code made up of many digits. The likelihood of two cars in proximity with the same code is nearly impossible. As a car owner, you do not need to worry about other drivers accidentally unlocking your doors, and you do not need to worry about accidentally unlocking a stranger’s car. The alarm may also be used as a safety device to draw attention to your car.

In addition, having your fob ready to go allows a quick way to slip in your car. You can start loading and watching a video to see how the panic alarm works.

Types of Key Fobs

Key fobs that were created first in the early 2000s have a more basic look and features compared to the newer key fobs.

Early 2000s Model

  • Small and circular shape
  • Basic features of open and close doors, horn, and popping the trunk
  • Least expensive option

Late 2000s Model

  • Oval, circular shape
  • Comes with the same basic features

2010s Model

  • Rectangular shape. Sleeker 90-degree angle feel.
  • Comes with the same basic buttons in an easier-to-access layout

Modern 2020s Model

  • Rectangular shape with rounded edges
  • Comes with the same basic buttons and gets a remote engine start

A video on how to fix a broken key fob or replace the batteries on a key fob can be found online. Depending on what you like, a Bugatti, Ferrari, or BMW can have more exuberant options.

How Much Is A Key Fob For Your Bugatti?

For a Bugatti, the basic, smart keyless remotes can cost over 100 dollars and of course must be professionally programmed by your dealer when received. However, there are more expensive options.

A Bugatti is an expensive vehicle and prices can start as “little” as three million dollars. If you can afford to pay for a very pricey car, an added fob should be enough. If you like glitzy things, there is a very over-the-top option of a custom key fob that costs $554,000. This key fob gets the luxurious style and aesthetic of your fancy supercar.

Why are Bugatti Keys so Expensive?

A custom key fob for a Bugatti Chiron can be showy and extravagant. The same reasons why luxury vehicles come at a high cost also apply to the best, pricey Bugatti Chiron key fob option.

Design and Materials

The more expensive option of a half a million-dollar Bugatti Chiron fob is because of its pricey outline. It is crafted with 34.5 carats of diamonds and 18-carat gold, many precious gemstones, and expensive finishes. Making it one of the most expensive supercars, custom key fobs in the world. Very flashy things pair well with a very flashy car. The custom design is high-priced due to the materials used with determining the high price of diamonds.

Craftsmanship and Exclusivity

The custom craftsmanship and time it takes to handcraft a Bugatti Chiron fob can take up to 100 to 300 hours to complete. A highly trained and skilled professional is able to turn to create a stunning piece of custom artistry. In addition, these are made in smaller quantities, making them rarer to purchase and more exclusive. The rarity helps their value increase in price.

Why Do Bugatti’s Have 2 Keys?

A Bugatti Chiron is a very fast luxury vehicle and gets up to speeds up to 273mph. This luxury car from the factory has the option of two keys. You can watch a video on how one key is to give to a valet driver, which is an everyday use key to start and stop the car. The valet key will stop the car’s speed from reaching its full potential.

The other one is the “top speed” key that allows the Bugatti Chiron to get full use of the car’s engine and horsepower. The speed key releases any limits placed on the speedometer from the valet key. Most everyday people do not have the road space to drive that high unless at a special track designed for high-speed vehicles. Most likely the valet one will be enough to prevent any friends or family from using your car and breaking the speed limit.

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Why Buy Luxury Vehicles And Key Fobs?

Custom Bugatti fobs are for show and as much as a luxury item as the cars themselves. These custom key fobs embody the overall aesthetic look and feel of a luxury item of 2021.

Status And Self-Esteem 

By carrying around a custom key fob for a Bugatti or Ferrari, people may easily recognize the brand’s copyright logo. People will know you drive a cool supercar even if the car is not with you at the moment. The fob allows people to see you as an upper-class citizen who has money to spend. The high-class status can also bring a self-esteem boost and bring about new confidence.

Exclusivity and Experience

Most likely not a lot of people own a Bugatti in your local neighborhood. Owning a luxury vehicle and key can separate you from the average Joe. People naturally want what they can’t have. If you own a key fob, you will be showing off your supercar and be the envy of the town.

Value and Quality

Luxury brand supercars have a perceived value to them compared to other car brands. The custom key fobs are therefore, a more valuable investment to make. Premium prices allow for high-quality craftsmanship and detailed work to be done. More expensive materials can be used for quality performance and use as well.


Buying a custom key fob to your luxurious automobile is an easy purchase to make. You can speak with luxury car salespersons, email fellow owners, and email automobile buffs to hear the amazing advice about purchasing a custom key fob for a Bugatti. Researching about keyless entry devices and knowing how effective they are can make you rest easy about your purchase. These things add ease and convenience to your life, so you can ride in style and unlock your car doors in style too.