Citroen Key Fobs – Everything You Need To Know

Citroen is an iconic brand in the automobile industry. Below, we cover all you need to know about its key fobs. Categories include type (e.g., 3-button), pricing, programming new fobs, and replacing old ones. Keep reading to find out more.

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Citroen Remote Key Fob Categories


The flip remote has a retractable VA2 blade that hides in the key case when not in use. A small button on the key case flips the VA2 blade out when you’re ready to drive. This remote key fob has both 2-button and 3-button models. For a 2-button flip remote key, you can lock/unlock your vehicle. With 3-button models, you can also pop your trunk.

2-Button Plip

A 2-button remote key fob keeps the blade on display. The two buttons are for locking/unlocking.

3-Button Plip

Once again, a 3-button key will have the blade out. The buttons are for locking/unlocking your car, as well as opening the trunk.

Can You Get Replacement Key Fobs?

If your key fob is broken or lost, you can get a replacement key fob. You can also buy a replacement case or a new VA2 blade.

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Where Can You Get Replacement Key Fob Products 2021?

You can find replacement electronics from your local dealership or online. Spoiler alert: it’s cheaper online and comes with shipping right to your home. But, if you need a new blade cut, you’ll have to visit a dealership or locksmith for this item. It’s best to avoid secondhand fob products while shopping.

Should You Buy Secondhand Citroen Key Case Fobs?

No! Save yourself the headache, and please don’t purchase from a secondhand service — no matter how tempting the immediate product shipping is or how many categories of remotes you find. Secondary sellers are full of empty promises, and your new case is going to be a dud. In some cases, you’ll have to deprogram and reprogram your vehicle’s complete security and locking system. If you’re not an electronics genius, this will cost you more than replacing your 2-button fob item.

Some categories of Citroen brand vehicles have a “one-time-only” code on their products. In this case, once someone programmed the product for one car, it will only ever work for that one vehicle. Please don’t be scammed into purchasing used products – trust us, the product is not worth the free shipping. Take advantage of reading customer reviews to make sure your item comes from a reputable source.

Can You Program A Brand New Key Case Fob By Yourself?

You can program a new 2-button, 3-button, or flip fob case by yourself. These Citroen electronics are pretty simple to program, and we’ll show you how in just a minute.

How Do You Program A Citroen Key Fob?

Programming your Citreon fob will depend on your vehicle model. Don’t want to search through pages of another site? We have all the information you need right here. How’s that for customer service?

CITROEN Evasion, Synergie, Xantia & Xara:

The following steps are for models that have central locking with deadlocks and a 2-button plip/remote key. A lot of steps for a 2-button remote, but it’s easier than it looks:

  1. Unlock the doors.
  2. Hold down the large remote button on the case, ensuring the LED flashes for 20 seconds.
  3. Hit the small deadlock button while holding down the large button (LED stops flashing).
  4. Release the large button (LED stays lit).
  5. Press large button one (LED off).
  6. Open the car door and hold the remote case near your ignition switch.
  7. Press the large button once.
  8. Turn your ignition on for ten seconds, then shut off the car.
  9. Wait 5 seconds, and you’re free to go!

CITROEN Berlingo:

Berlingo models with a remote key fob have different steps for programming. Find them here:

  1. Without remote attached, turn your ignition to the accessory position.
  2. Hold remote in the direction of the receiver (at the front of your vehicle).
  3. Press the large button, followed by the small button.
  4. Feel free to repeat steps 1-3 before proceeding if programming multiple remotes.
  5. Turn ignition off.
  6. Your remote should work after 5 seconds.


We’ll show you how to program a new Saxo fob for models before 1999:

  1. Unlock your car.
  2. Hit the lock button twice within 20 secs of opening your car.

CITROEN XSara & Xsara Picasso:

Like the Saxo, programming an XSara Picasso only takes a few steps. To program a new Xsara Picasso key fob, please follow these steps:

  1. Turn your ignition on
  2. Hold down your lock button for 5 seconds
  3. Turn your ignition off
  4. Wait 5 seconds and test your remote on your Xsara Picasso.

When Do You Need A Dealership or Locksmith To Program Your Remote?

You can program brand-new fobs by yourself so long as you have the blade. It just takes a push of a few buttons! But, in case you don’t have this item, a dealership or locksmith can help you sort out the issue.

Citroen remotes have a transponder chip that’s hidden in the empty plastic case. A professional pairs the transponder chip with the Citroen immobilizer so your vehicle can start. They’ll plug specialized machinery into your Citroen OBD port and program your brand new key item and remote case accordingly. Before showing up at any automotive shop, check out reviews to ensure you get excellent service.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Citroen Key?

Replacing your fob key case remote can range from 85 to 150 EU (not including shipping).

Can A Locksmith Replace A Remote Key Fob?

An automotive locksmith can help replace your key fob, whether you drive an Xsara Picasso or Berlingo. Dealerships typically require shipping your new fob and ask you to bring your car to their site to program the new product. If you don’t have a working key, you’ll have to call a car tow service – which isn’t free. Check out customer reviews of your local locksmiths to ensure you’re getting the best service possible.

What Do I Need to Replace A Citroen Key Fob Through A Locksmith?

For a new Citroen key, you’ll need to provide a unique key number or the blade itself. This blade or number has all the information necessary on how locksmiths should cut your item. If you’ve lost the blade, a reputable locksmith can sort this out for you by contacting a Citroen dealer. From there, the service should be simple.

Parting Words

We’re glad to have taught you about Citroen fobs. To learn about other fob types, check out our site’s menu! We have categories for all sorts of key fob guides.