Fiat Key Fobs – Everything You Need To Know

There’s nothing more frustrating than losing your car keys. Finding a replacement can seem like a stressful task especially if you have a Fiat.

We’ve created this easy guide with content about the different types of Fiat keys to help you easily find a low-cost replacement. Whether your car was made in 1965 or 2015, there’s a great key available for you.

If you want more detailed advice, it’s always a good idea to contact a Fiat dealer who can provide you with content and answers.

What Types of Fiat Key Fobs Are Available?

First things first, let’s talk a little about the types of keys available.

The type of Fiat key you get will often depend on the model year of your automotive. If your Fiat is new, you are more likely to be able to purchase key fobs compatible with your car. If you’re struggling to find the best key for your Fiat, you should email or call a locksmith for help.

Transponder Key

If you’re looking for a cheap replacement, you may consider a transponder key. A customer inserts it into their door lock, and the content of the key works with the content of the lock to open it. However, it can be harder to use than other options.

Keyless Entry Remote

If you like accessibility and smart technology, this is a great option. Whatever model of Fiat you name, a good locksmith will be able to show you an entry remote that works with it. The content of this item means that you can open and start your car with just the push of a button.

Features and Functions

Whether you’re looking for a key to your 2012 Fiat 500 or a much newer model, there are some key features that all items share.

  • Small and Lightweight: Whether you pick a transponder key or keyless entry remote, the content of the gadget is lightweight. This makes it easy to carry around, even when your bag is full.
  • Smart Design: The full, curved design of the item makes it easy to cart around or keep in a safe space. No need to worry about your replacement scratching your phone.
  • Easy To Use: One of the best features of this item is how easy it makes opening your car. If you don’t like stooping to unlock your door, this is a great option to try.
  • Battery Powered. Key fobs are battery-powered as they rely on electronics content. However, it takes a long time for a new, full battery to drain. Your new keyless entry remote should arrive with a full battery and OEM (factory settings).
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Fiat is full of good ideas and this is reflected in how each button is programmed to work. Most fobs also contain a panic alarm button in the case of an emergency. Some, particularly those from 2015 onwards, have a remote engine start option too. Fiat 500 drivers will know how useful this new feature can be when it comes to getting around.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s normal for any customer to have questions about a new service. If you need full answers to more complex questions, it’s a good idea to phone or email a locksmith or specialist service. They can address the content of your queries.

How Much Is a Fiat Key Fob?

If you’re looking to add a Fiat key fob to your shopping cart, it’s natural to have questions about the cost. The total cost of a Fiat key fob is usually low, as they are easily available. However, you will likely have to pay more than you would for a transponder key. This is because a keyless entry remote requires specialist programming.

How Much Is A Replacement Key For A Fiat 500?

A replacement key for a Fiat 500 should not cost any more than keys for other types of Fiat. The 500l engine does not affect the programming or price. If you’re concerned about the price of your replacement Fiat 500l fobs, you should phone or email a locksmith or dealer. They will be able to give a customer specialist recommendations based on your car.

How Do I Get A New Fiat Key?

You can get a new Fiat key easily by contacting a locksmith or dealer. However, you should be aware that they often do not provide the service of programming your key. You will sometimes have to visit a specialist automotive programming company and request they solve the problem. This is necessary for the electronics to work with your Fiat.

If you need more information on the programming price it is a good idea to contact a range of services. A locksmith can address any issues you have and test the key.

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Pros And Cons

It’s easy to see why so many customers choose this item for their vehicles. Before adding a key to your cart, check out these pros and cons to make a wise shopping decision.


  • Common Make: No matter whether your car was made back in 2012 or 2015, it’s still easy to buy a part that works. The content is versatile and common.
  • Easy To Receive Help: Just contact a reputable dealership and name the make and model of your vehicle. Most dealers will stock a high number of possibilities on their page.
  • Accessible: One of the most positive things about these items is how accessible they are. The electronic content of the key is easy to use and understand. Even the hardest person to please will be content with this item.


  • Accidental Activation: The downside of a keyless entry remote is that you can accidentally activate it and not realize your Fiat is unlocked. However, there are many new cases available to prevent this.
  • Need To Program: The electronic content of the keyless entry remote must have programming to work with the car of the customer. This can increase the price of the replacement as it adds an extra part within the process.

Verdict: Should You Get A Fiat Key Fob?

If you own any kind of automotive you’ll know how crucial keys are — you can’t open or drive your car without them. If you want to save money while ensuring your car is safe, this kind of replacement is a great option.

Key fobs are specially programmed to keep your car secure, whilst providing you with easy access. Please contact your favorite dealer or locksmith today to get more information and find the best Fiat key fob for your car.