Ford EcoSport Key Fob Battery Remote Replacement 2018 2019

The Ford EcoSport only recently came to the US, in 2017. It’s on the second generation of the car. The current key fob battery is the CR2450 (more on the CR 2450 here). It’s a larger fob and battery, but one that is very easy to replace.

ModelTrimsGenerationYearsKey Fob TypeSubTypeRechargeable? Ease of changeBatteryBuy
EcoSport1.4 L TDCi Diesel, Duratec 2.0 L gasoline, 1.0 L EcoBoost, 2nd2018, 2019Ford Smart Key w/Pull Out Valet Key BatteryEasy Pull Out Valet KeySmart KeyNoCR2450
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How to replace the battery in a Ford EcoSport key fob 2017, 2018, 2019
How to replace the battery in a Ford EcoSport key fob

Here’s my video on how to replace the EcoSport key fob battery:

Ford EcoSport Remote Key Fob Battery Replacement 2018 2019

This is the battery for this Ford EcoSport smart key fob:

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GIF Visual Guide

Okay. In this video, we're going to look how to change the key Fob battery for Ford EcoSport. And this is a kind of 2018 and newer Fob. So first thing you you'll need to do on this is there's a button on the front here to press this to remote this internal valet key.

And once we've done that, flip it over to the back. And you can see right here and here, there's kind of two points you can put in a small screwdriver or even easier, just use the valet key itself and pop off this backing here like so. And that will pop right out. And this will give you access to the CR 2450 battery that you'll need to replace such a link on where you can grab one of these online, take a small little screwdriver, or if you have a paper clip, you can get into these holes right here and just pop this guy out and grab a new CR 2450. It's kind of a larger coin key battery.

And just make sure you put the positive side, which is positive side is the size of the lettering. Put the new one back in, place that back in there and pop this backing back on like so. And actually, you'll notice I kind of missed the back here. One thing I want to do is make sure and pop this bottom part and place this in first. And then the connect points are actually more near the top here.

So make sure to place it back first. Then you can put the valet key back in and you should be all set. So that's how you replace the key Fob battery in the Ford EcoSport.

The non-US models may have other key fobs, see my page on all Ford Key fobs to see which fob / remote battery you may have to replace.