Honda Insight Key Fob Battery Replacement Guide (2010 – 2020)

One of the newest (well, sort of. It’s a name Honda has used before) cars in the Honda lineup, the Honda Insight Hybrid uses the newest Smart key fob. Older versions of the Honda Insight used the older rounded key remotes with physical keys.

How to Replace a Honda Insight Key Battery (2019 – Present) Smart Key

How to replace the Honda Insight key battery – Smart Key

This smart key fob is only used in the newest Hybrid Insight in 2019. Here’s my video on how to change the battery:

Honda Insight Key Battery Replacement Guide 2019 - 2020

This is the battery you need for this Honda Insight Smart Key Fob:

Amazon Basics 4 Pack CR2032 3 Volt Lithium Coin Cell Battery
  • IN THE BOX: 4-pack of CR2032 3 volt lithium coin cell batteries; replacement for BR2032, DL2032, and ECR2032
  • DEVICE COMPATIBLE: Ideal for watches, calculators, key fobs, Apple TV remotes, and other small electronics
  • DESIGNED TO LAST: 8-year leak-free shelf life

Replace a Honda Insight Key Battery (2010 – 2013) – Physical Key Rounded Buttons

Replace the Insight key battery for model years
2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

To change the battery in this key, you’ll want a precision screwdriver set $4 on Amazon since the screw is very small on the back of the key. Here’s my video showing exactly how to change this battery for the Insight:

2010 - 2013 Honda Insight Key Battery Replacement Guide

This is the battery you need for this Honda Insight physical key with rounded buttons:

Amazon Basics 2 Pack CR1616 3 Volt Lithium Coin Cell Battery
  • IN THE BOX: 2-pack of CR1616 lithium coin cells; replacement batteries for small electronic devices
  • DEVICE COMPATIBLE: Powers devices such as watches, calculators, sporting goods, games, medical devices, and more
  • DESIGNED TO LASRT:Long-lasting, reliable battery life; performs in extreme temperatures

Honda Insight Model Review

The Insight is a hybrid electric vehicle that was first manufactured in 1999. The model is built and marketed by the Japanese automaker Honda, and there are three generations of the car since it was launched. The first generation runs from 1999 to 2006, the second generation from 2009 to 2014, and the third generation from 2018 to present. The generations over the years have experienced significant upgrades, as highlighted below.

First Generation (1999 – 2006)

The first generation of the Insight featured a hybrid engine with enhanced aerodynamics supported by a light aluminum frame. The model achieved minimum emissions and enhanced fuel efficiency and became the undisputed car in the North American market for many years. The first generation of Insight was a three-seater that significantly impacted its sales. The first generation Insights would accelerate from 0-62 mph within 12 seconds, with its top speed being 111.9mph. It was fitted with a 5 –speed manual transmission, and it was a front-wheel-drive car. The car offered a significant fuel economy with a 57.4 mph for city driving and 78.4 mph for highway driving while its combined fuel economy was 69.2 mph. It had an electric injection fuel system as it was a hybrid model.

Second Generation (2009 – 2014)

Honda introduced a new Insight model after ten years of its inauguration. The second generation of the Insight was introduced in 2009, and it featured significant improvements from the first generation models. The second-generation Insight was taunted as a futuristic but straightforward hybrid model as it offered more visibility for drivers. The second generation was enticing with its simple, intuitive, yet logical controls and its comfortable seats. The Honda Insight scored highly in terms of safety with the Euro NCAP crash test, giving it a 5/5 rating. Some of its safety features included ABS, ESP, side, and curtain airbags.

In 2011, the Insight received a facelift that included aesthetics and functionality improvements. The changes included new head and taillights, larger air intakes, new grille, thinner rear lip spoiler, larger seats, and other interior upgrades. The 2011 model also featured improved aerodynamics that enhanced its fuel economy.

Third Generation (2018 – Present)

The third generation of the Insight hit the market in 2019. The new sedan featured a more innovative and fuel-efficient hybrid system compared to the previous generations. The 2019 Insight was available in two engine versions. The 2019 Insight engines had a combined horsepower of 151 hp an improved in city driving fuel economy of 55 mpg. In most conditions, the Insight uses combined engines whereby the gasoline engine motor releases electricity to the electric propulsion motor or charges the lithium-ion battery. The third-generation Honda Insight vehicles are front-wheel drive equipped with the CVT transmission. The highway fuel economy is 49 mpg, and the city economy is 55 mg, and the combined fuel economy is 52 mpg.