Infiniti Key Fobs — Everything You Need to Know

When you need a new Infiniti key fob, you won’t want to make one phone call after another to find answers. What you need is a quick guide to know where to find a replacement.

As the customer, you want all the information such as brand needed, battery required, programming information, and more. For an in-depth view of Infiniti fob info, you’ve found the right place.

Whether you contact your local automotive shop, go to an Infiniti dealer, or complete your purchase online, check out what you should know about buying a new Infiniti remote!

Infiniti Vehicle Fobs

Since 1985, Infiniti has been the luxury line of cars from Nissan’s company. With their beautifully designed builds and excellent safety ratings, it’s no wonder why these vehicles are so popular.

But if you’ve lost the car keys, you’ll need another way to access your vehicle. You might not be sure who to make a phone call to or where to turn. The good news is that no matter the year vehicle model, there is a site that will be able to replace your fob.

The fob is the part of your car keys that feature a button rather than the turnkey. As a result, you can lock and unlock with just a click. This makes it easier to access your car or truck, but the price to replace these can be high.

While a key fob may not be essential to start your Infiniti car, it definitely makes life a lot easier!

Make shopping for a low price Infiniti fob easy by reviewing this information on conducting your search for the right product.

Infiniti Key Fob Remote Products

  • Smart Keyless Entry Remotes
  • Smart Proxy Remote
  • Keyless Entry Remote / Key Combo
  • Keyless Entry Remote with Power Liftgate

For each kind of vehicle Infiniti has in stock, there are a variety of key fob designs available. This means that you aren’t limited by the year of your car to get the type you want!

What’s the Difference Between Each Replacement Infiniti Key Fob?

With so many kinds of keys to choose from, you need to figure out which type of fob is right for you. Here are some of the biggest differences to look for:

  • Power liftgate: This feature allows you to open the trunk via contact with a single button.
  • No turn to start: Some remotes and vehicles are designed so that you only need the fob to start the engine (without needing to stick the key in the ignition).

Batteries for Your Key Fob

The necessary battery for each fob differs. Please ensure you get the right battery replacement!

Before you purchase a replacement battery, check with your dealer or local automotive professional. These experts always encourage you to ” please call us” so that you don’t purchase the wrong item. When you follow through on this “call us” plea, you can rest easy.

As the batteries can vary somewhat between years and between models, you will always want to check the type before adding them to your cart.

Whether you purchase your fob from an online shop or in person at an automotive shop, learn if the batteries come with your purchase for free. With a new replacement, a dealer or site will likely offer a battery included, and you won’t have to find a battery yourself.

Pros of Infiniti Key Fob Types

  • Affordability: Each Infiniti vehicle offers a simple fob that will work with the brand of car. You may have to search past page 1 of your Google results, but you can often find a low price and save money.
  • Emergency key: The emergency keys are conveniently located inside the fob. So if you have a no-key engine start, you don’t have to worry if the battery suddenly dies.

Cons of Infiniti Key Fob Types

  • Customer programming: Not all key types and vehicles allow for self-programming, so the service will cost you extra. This is usually due to the transponder type.

Getting a Replacement Infiniti Key

To choose the right replacement Infiniti key fob, you will have to know some additional information about your vehicle, including:

  • The year
  • The Infiniti model
  • The type of key fob replacement you purchase

How Much Does It Cost to Replace an Infiniti Key Fob?

There are several factors that will determine the price of a replacement.

  1. The type of key: The more features your key has, the more expensive it will be.
  2. Programming: A professional’s programming service will incur labor costs, leaving you with a higher price to pay.
  3. Using an Infiniti dealer: Even though finding a dealer is simple, you’ll likely have to pay a higher price.

So if you have the tools and know-how to DIY these products, the process could cost under $100. But if you enlist a service provider’s help or you purchase the most expensive option, the price could be over $500.

How Do I Program My Infiniti Key Fob?

The problem with programming your own Infiniti key is that it may not always be possible because of the transponder chip.

But it’s not impossible to find links or a web page to teach you! So if you can, get a fob and transponder that can be programmed for a low price (or even free). Some warranties may cover this service partially or fully.

If you have a key that can be self-programmed, here is what you can do to program your Infiniti.

  1. Sit in your Infiniti with all the doors power-locked.
  2. Start the ignition with the cut key and remove it six times in 10 seconds.
  3. Turn the ignition to “accessories.”
  4. Press any of the fob’s buttons within 5 seconds.
  5. Unlock and lock all doors with the switch on the driver’s side. On the fob, hit a button in 5 seconds.
  6. Power off your car and remove the device from the engine.

Can You Self Program a Key Fob?

With older cars and older keys, you should be able to program a fob yourself. Intelligent keys from Infiniti require special tools that a dealer should have on hand.

Does AutoZone Program Key Fobs?

If you like, you can purchase a fob at AutoZone, but the business doesn’t currently work with programming. AutoZone is a good stop for any customer if you’re just shopping and trying to avoid shipping costs.

Verdict on Replacement Infiniti Key Remotes

An Infiniti vehicle without a fob isn’t useless, but it makes enjoying your car a lot harder.

Purchasing online and shipping your key will save you cash, and you may even be able to self-program. But to enjoy all the features that come with your luxury Infiniti car, make sure you get the replacement key fob that gives you features like the intelligent key or the power liftgate.