Jeep Gladiator Key Fob Battery Remote Replacement (2019 – 2021)

The powerful Jeep Gladiator is a midsize pickup. This is one of Jeep’s newest models, having first hit the roads in the spring of 2019. Fun fact: the Gladiator is the brand’s first pickup truck since the Jeep Comanche was discontinued in 1992.

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How to replace the Jeep Gladiator “Corner Cut” key fob battery (2019, 2020, 2021)

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What you will need:

Look at the bottom of the key fob. Next to the key ring there is a small slot along the seam in the plastic. Take a regular flathead screwdriver, insert it into the slot, and twist. You will hear a pop and feel the back of the device start to come off. Remove this piece with your fingers.

Now, looking at the battery housing, find the small arrow pointing towards an opening. Take a precision flathead screwdriver and insert it into this opening and pry the battery out. Take a new CR2450 battery and slide it into the housing, positive side up. Last thing—just click the back of the key fob back on. That’s it, your device is working again and ready to go!

Jeep Gladiator Key Fob Battery Replacement (2019 - 2021)

This is the battery for this Jeep Gladiator “Corner Cut” key fob:

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GIF Visual Guide

In this video I will show you how to change the internal battery in this Jeep Gladiator Key Fob this key Fob has been used on Gladiators since 2019 all the way up to present day and takes one CR 2450 battery. It's really easy to change your battery at home. Just get yourself one of these batteries. Just a couple of bucks on Amazon and I will leave a link down below in the description and then just go ahead and follow along down here where the keyring is. You can see that area right there, that little slot.

We are going to insert a flathead screwdriver into that area and hold both your tool and your Fob firmly and just twist so you hear a little pop and you can see this is starting to become separated. I'm just going to work my way down the side, twisting, twisting until it comes off easily. Be careful not to damage your key Fob. And there we go. Now this should come away.

Set that to the side.

Now we need something that can fit into this little area. You see there's an arrow there. If you have a toothpick or anything just laying around the house will work. I'm going to use one of these precision screwdrivers just to be very careful. If you don't have something like this, you can get a pack of these on Amazon just for a couple of bucks and they're really handy around the house.

So I'll leave a link down below if you want to pick these up with your battery. But all you need is something to get in here. You're going to just gently, carefully keep working your way in, prying up and it will just shoot out at you like that. Now you can take your new CR 2450 battery, make sure the positive side is face up and push it back in and we'll click back in place again.

I'll show you. Just go follow that little arrow into this small opening here and pull back, push down and pull back. Boom. It will fly out like that. And then you just slide it back in and it clicks into place.

Super easy, right? Last thing is just to line this up and click it back into place. And that's it. You're all done. If you found this video helpful, feel free to comment down below or give us a like and for more guys like this, visit

Thank you for watching.