Koenigsegg Key Fobs — Everything You Need To Know

Car enthusiasts go crazy for Koenigsegg for many reasons. From its powerful engines to its innovative engineering, this high-end manufacturer has a lot to offer.

Yet another reason why people love this brand? Its key fobs. These remotes come with tons of cool features and look incredible. There’s a reason they cost more than most people’s 2021 cars and even houses.

Want to learn about these insanely expensive key fobs? Read on! This 2021 guide will first discuss customization options so that you can build the perfect key. Then, we’ll discuss price, programming, and everything else you need to know.

Customized Koenigsegg Car Keys

When you buy a Koenigsegg vehicle, it comes with a standard key fob. But anyone who can afford this luxury brand won’t want the basic design. Thus, most owners opt for a custom design. The manufacturer is super flexible, meaning how you want your key fob to look and function boils down to personal preference. Below, we discuss some available customization options for your new smart remote.


The world is your oyster when deciding what material you want to get. The basic remote, made of silver, offers a simple yet elegant experience. If you want something a little more luxurious for your Agera or Jesko, opt for a black onyx or platinum coating that matches your model. Some people even choose to encrust the key case with diamonds.


Of course, you’ll want your key fob to have essential functions such as lock/unlock. And with touchless entry, the doors will automatically open and close to make your vehicle easy to access when your hands are full. But Koenigsegg has numerous other outstanding features worth mentioning, including:

  • Remote Trunk and Lid Control: Some drivers also want to be able to use their remotes to control the trunk and engine lid. If you fall into this group, make sure you request a button that can perform these functions.
  • Ghost Mode: One of the unique functions of these remotes is Ghost Mode. When you press the ghoul icon, all of the car’s movable panels come to life. Check out this video to see Ghost Mode on a Regera in action!
  • Obstacle Sensors: One of the most impressive features of Koenigsegg fobs is the ability to detect surrounding objects that might scratch your doors or ruin the paint. Models like the Agera and Jesko come with accurate sensors. If they detect obstacles in the way, they won’t let a part open all the way.
  • USB: While a USB for a car seems a little outdated for 2021, it’s a cool feature to have. You can access it by pulling apart the fob.
  • Hybrid Fobs: With a hybrid fob, the traditional fob meets the 2021 smartphone. You can use it to access tons of futuristic features via the touchscreen rather than pushing a button. While hybrid fobs may not be readily available until after 2021, manufacturers continue to work out the kinks. Check back for more information as it comes on the market!
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Are Key Fobs Expensive?

Many people complain about the price of key fobs. While they tend to be expensive, the cost depends on several factors.

One of the most influential factors is the car’s make. For instance, if you have a more affordable vehicle like a 2021 Kia or Nissan, you may pay anywhere from $100 to $200 for a replacement key. You may save if you buy a used one or do the programming yourself instead of going to an automotive dealer.

With Koenigsegg, however, it’s a very different story. According to the media, this manufacturer sells some of the most expensive car keys in the world.

How Much Does a Koenigsegg Key Cost?

Most Koenigsegg keys feature a one-of-a-kind design, meaning the cost varies between remotes. However, thanks to media coverage, we can share the price of the most expensive Koenigsegg key.

A 2015 remote for an Agera has an estimated value of $250,000 (that’s just for one key!). At this price, it’s not only the most expensive Koenigsegg key — it’s the most expensive fob in the world.

Note that a new 2021 remote may cost even more. However, keep in mind that the Agera remote we discussed above features some of the best features money can buy (platinum, diamonds, etc.). If you want something more affordable, consider passing on the excessively flashy buttons.

Why Are Key Fobs So Expensive?

When you go to get a new key for your Agera, Gemera, or Jesko, you might wonder why it’s so expensive.

First, let’s talk about the cost of the cars. Because all models are well over a million dollars, it makes sense that you’re going to pay a lot for the key.

Another reason for the high price tag? It features expensive materials and advanced 2021 technology. You must also realize that these fobs cost a lot because they are statement pieces. In addition to serving as jewelry, they have fancy functions like Ghost Mode that let you show off your wealth on social media.

Can I Buy a Key Fob and Program It Myself?

When you hear how much a new Koenigsegg key fob is, your first thought might be to find a used model online and program it yourself. After all, you can go this route with other luxury brands such as BMW. Unfortunately, Koenigsegg isn’t as flexible. One-of-a-kind keys are made for each vehicle, limiting your ability to reprogram a used model.

We advise against buying a used key fob, as it’s likely that neither you nor a dealer could program it for your car. But if you want a super cool automotive collectible, go for it! An accessory from this high-end manufacturer will make the perfect addition to your collection.

Koenigsegg Key Fobs — The Bottom Line

Koenigsegg keys are well-made in both functionality and design. Thus, it’s no wonder they cost so much. If you have the luxury of affording one, make sure you bookmark this 2021 guide! It will serve as the perfect reference as you build your dream Koenigsegg key fob.