Lexus Key Fobs — Everything You Need to Know

Lexus is Japan’s largest producer of high-end cars. The brand is famous for its sleek design and renowned for its innovative use of technology. It should come as no surprise, then, that Lexus was an early adopter of using remote access units for its vehicles — and it’s still producing slick car key fobs in 2021.

Fob keys are standard with any modern Lexus vehicle. We’ve put together this guide so that, as a customer, you can learn about the fob shopping options available for these vehicles. We’re also here to show you that you don’t need to call a car dealer for battery replacement: this is a service you can address yourself.

Types of Lexus Key Fob

Below are the standard fobs you may receive with your new vehicle. They’ll often be programmed from the start. But if you bought them from a site you found from a Google search, they may be non-branded and require a locksmith to start them up.

Lexus Rectangular Key Fob

Perhaps the most standard remote for a Lexus, Inc. vehicle in 2021, this is also available as an on-brand or aftermarket replacement (depending on your budget and preference). Its services typically include three or four buttons on the front face:

  • Lock & unlock on one side
  • The panic alarm on the other side (occasionally a trunk release feature)

This tactile model has a grooved surface that allows your thumb to rest on either side of the fob. This high-quality design is what we’ve come to expect from this company, and we like to see it.

Lexus Slanted Key Fob

This fob has a sleek slant on the top and bottom, with a metal bar at the base to attach your keys to. It will appeal to any customer who appreciates a futuristic aesthetic. Please note that it is a branded car key with the Lexus sign displayed prominently. It’s the remote that a Lexus dealer most often provides to start your car.

It has the same four buttons as the rectangular key, arranged from top to bottom. This model is one of the most attractive remote keys we’ve seen, and we’d recommend it even if it doesn’t come with your vehicle to start.

Lexus Bell-Style Key Fob

This fob curves neatly outward from the top and was one of the earliest keyless entry services offered by Lexus. It has three buttons, including:

  • Lock/panic alarm
  • Unlock
  • Open trunk

It may seem a little odd, but a double-click on the lock button sets off the alarm. This isn’t uncommon with key fobs, and you get used to it over time.

Still, if you have an itchy trigger finger and fear making accidental contact, you may prefer a make from 2021 or within the last couple of years, where these functions are separate. Please contact your dealer or find another option online if you need that extra separation.

Lexus Remote with Integrated Key

This remote provides a standard key united with the remote entry service to your vehicle. These keys typically include the lock, unlock, and trunk release buttons. It’ll let you save time accessing your vehicle (especially the trunk), but some drivers find the integrated key a comforting addition.

Lexus Key Fob Battery Replacement

So how do you put a replacement battery in a Lexus key fob? Good news. It’s a service you can perform yourself without the need to phone or email a dealer. It also takes almost no time, requires no additional tools or items, and is very cheap. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Most fobs you get with a Lexus vehicle come with an emergency key. Its location is at the top of the fob, and it simply slides out. To start, remove the emergency unit.
  2. Place the fob logo up on a flat surface to prevent parts from falling out.
  3. Use the key to pull the top of the fob away and reveal the battery (more information on replacement batteries is below).
  4. Remove the old battery and insert your replacement.
  5. Replace the top of the fob and push until it clicks. Replace the emergency key.
  6. Make sure that it still works on your vehicle.

The batteries you need for these remotes are very cheap, and you can find them on any major retail site. In general, the following batteries correspond to the models listed above:

  • Rectangular design: CR1632
  • Slanted design: CR2032
  • Bell design: CR1632
  • Integrated design: CR2025
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If your fob doesn’t work after battery replacement, you may need to contact or email a dealer or locksmith to get it programmed. A dealer will typically accept branded keys only and prefer it if you purchased your vehicle from them.


Which Lexus models come with a key fob?

The following models come with remotes:

  • SC
  • UX
  • RX450h
  • RX400h
  • RX300
  • RX330
  • RX350
  • LX570
  • RC
  • RCF
  • NX
  • LX470
  • IS
  • LS
  • GX470
  • GX460
  • ES
  • GS
  • CT200h

How much does it cost to replace a Lexus key fob?

If you’re a customer looking for a model that displays the Lexus make, it will typically cost a bit more than an aftermarket option. You can get a good aftermarket replacement key for your vehicle without spending much money.

Buying from a registered dealer will always cost more than shopping online. You may also be able to find a branded option online for a lower price.

How do I get a new Lexus key fob?

You can get a replacement key:

  • From your car dealer
  • From an online service
  • From a vehicle locksmith specializing in Lexus

For more information on aftermarket options, it’s best to phone or email a locksmith ahead of time.

How much is a Lexus fob?

These models are reasonably priced compared to many high-end car fobs. If you lose your branded fob, it’s not a bad idea to have an aftermarket option lying around for easy access until you’re united with your top choice again. Remember, things sometimes show up days after we lose them, so keep a spare handy.

Can you program a new key fob yourself?

Sure — if you’re a trained locksmith. It’s generally best to get a professional to do it. Remember that programming is only half the battle: you also need to get the emergency key concealed within the fob cut for your car. Otherwise, you could end up high and dry.