Maserati Key Fobs — Everything You Need To Know

Maserati owners are serious about caring for their vehicles. But what do you do when you need replacement key remotes? Having a spare for your vehicle can also eliminate the headache of finding a replacement in a pinch. So we want to share with you everything about buying an extra fob for your car.

Whether you’re looking for the best service, or you want to know what site or shop to check out, we have all the information you need to find the right remotes. This guide should help you avoid any misguided purchases, overpriced emergency locksmiths, and outrageous price tags from a dealership!

Maserati Models That Come With Key Fobs

From the Quattroporte to the Ghibli, Maserati Inc. has a lineup of impressive vehicles on the market. But not all of them have fobs readily available to purchase. So before you add any new remote to your online cart, make sure you know which Maserati models will actually work with a new fob bought online!

Maserati Key Fob Types Available to Order

Maserati Smart Keyless Entry Remote

For any Ghibli or Quattroporte vehicle, years 2014 through 2018, you can find smart keyless entry remotes. All keys have the same features, looks, and programming requirements. The remote will include the following features:

  • Single click lock
  • Single click unlock
  • White lights button
  • Double click trunk
  • CR2032 battery
  • One free emergency insert key
  • Locksmith or dealer programming required
  • Must be cut by industry professional
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Pros of a Maserati Key Fob

  • White light button. With just a touch of your key fob remote, turn on high beam white lights to light your way (or scare off nosey strangers!).
  • Key cover. Customize your remote with a decorative cover, adding a touch of your personality to your remote.
  • Open trunk with remotes. Are your hands full? No problem — your key fob is there to help. With a button for trunk release, easily open the back of your Ghibli or Quattroporte from the outside. The double click feature protects you from opening your trunk when you didn’t mean to.

Cons of a Maserati Key Fob

  • Lack of variety. With other vehicle models, you will see many designs for key fobs available as a replacement. But with both Ghibli and Quattroporte, there isn’t any customization available at this time.

Purchasing a Maserati Key Fob

With any key fobs, you may need to search for the exact match for your model car. But don’t fear! Maserati’s key fobs are very straightforward, making shopping easy. All you need to do is search any menu online for the year and model. When ordering a Maserati key fob, you will want to search based on the model of your car and the year. For example, key fobs for a 2021 Ghibli will be different than a 2021 Quattroporte. However, the remotes themselves are very similar, so be cautious when looking at the available options.

Where to Purchase a Maserati Key Fob

You can purchase a Ghibli or Quattroporte key fob in several places. Please note that while you can do your shopping for a key fob at any of these locations, where you go will affect the prices and experience of purchasing your new remote. But you can find a new key at any:

  • Maserati dealership
  • Car parts shop
  • An online car parts store
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How to Order a Maserati Key Fob Online

When viewing any automotive part site, you’ll see a list of remotes available to purchase. You can order these parts by adding them to your cart. You can get the key fob you need reserved and view which part would be the best fit for your car as well based on the part description. Make sure the product you get has an authentic Maserati copyright — otherwise, it may be worthless.

Can You Program a New Key Fob Yourself?

While some key fobs you can program yourself, the new Maserati keys from 2014-2018 will not allow for self-programming. A Maserati dealer will recommend you program the vehicle and remote at the dealership, but it may be the most expensive option.

When you purchase a Maserati remote for your Ghibli or Quattroporte car, a store will make you go to a locksmith or dealer. Locksmiths, dealers, and Ghibli/Quattroporte specialists will have different prices, so always look around.

How Much Is a Maserati Key Fob?

The price for a Ghibli or Quattroporte key may vary slightly depending on where you go. You can shop around at various shops and online stores that have the rights to these keys. But many places will not also have the rights to programming. You will need to both purchase and program the key.

For a Ghibli and Quattroporte remote, the price for just the remote will typically be a little less than $100. Only add remotes to your cart that are the best deal you see! Because even after you have purchased your remote, you must add on the price to program your remote.

Why Are Key Fobs So Expensive?

To get a new remote for your Ghibli or Quattroporte vehicle, you will need to find a dealer or locksmith for help to program the remote to your car. You may be able to find self-programming guides out there, but based on the information, the results will be mixed.

For the best results, look for a locksmith with a low price to improve the overall price tag of your spare. For the best price, we recommend going to an auto store that specializes in Maserati’s who isn’t a dealer or emergency locksmith. They can generally get you the best price.

Verdict: Buying a Maserati Key Fob

Everyone loves a Maserati, but nobody likes needing to replace a fob. Being prepared with an extra is a great way to avoid emergency locksmiths or expensive trips to the dealership. So, by adding a well-priced fob to your cart online for the lowest price and shopping around for the cheapest programming fees, you can have a brand-new remote ready for your car!