Mazda CX-9 Key Fob Battery Remote Replacement DIY Years 2007-2019

It’s no exaggeration that the Mazda’s CX-9 is a stylish, powerful, and fun-to-drive crossover SUV. Thanks to its updated design features and the new SkyActiv platform and engine, it is considered one of the most visually stunning SUVs on the market today.

As you may already know, this model uses two different key fobs. So, if you need to get into either of these key fobs for a replacement—we’ve got you covered. This guide will show you everything you need to know about Mazda CX-9 key fob battery replacement.

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How to Replace the Mazda CX-9 2016-2019 Smart Key Fob Battery

Mazda CX-9 Key Fob Battery Replacement

You can easily open this smart key fob to replace the CR2025 battery inside. Scroll down to see a full video tutorial or read on for step-by-step instructions on Mazda CX-9 key fob battery replacement.

What you will need:
• 1x CR2025 battery
• A tape-wrapped flathead screwdriver

Final Image Mazda CX9 Key

How to change the battery in the Smart Key Fob for a Mazda CX-9

Total Time: 3 minutes

1. Flip the key and push switch to release key

Mazda CX9 Key Flip the key and push switch to release key

First, flip your smart key over and find the small switch/lever on the back. Push the switch, and while holding it down, pull on the silver keyring hole to release the auxiliary key.

2. Twist screwdriver in grooves

Mazda CX9 Key Twist screwdriver in grooves

Next, locate the grooves on the left and right walls from where you removed the key. Insert your flathead screwdriver into a groove and twist to loosen that side. Repeat for the groove on the other side. This will separate the two halves of the key fob.

3. Loosen with screwdriver, separate manually

Mazda CX9 Key Loosen with screwdriver, separate manually

Now, find the opening down the sides of the key fob and insert your screwdriver here. Twist and work your way down each side until you can separate the two halves of the key fob with your fingers.

4. Remove battery cap

Mazda CX9 Key Remove battery cap

Inside, you will find a plastic disc (battery cap) holding the battery in place. Remove it to expose the battery. Now simply remove the CR2025 battery with your fingers.

5. Install new CR2025 battery, reassemble key fob

Mazda CX9 Key Install new CR2025 battery, reassemble key fob

Place your new battery in the compartment (in the direction of the arrow) with the positive pole facing up. Put the plastic disc (battery cap) back on top of the battery, click the two halves of the key fob back together, and insert your auxiliary key.

That’s it! The battery has been correctly replaced. Good job!

Mazda CX-9 Smart Key Fob Battery Replacement (2016 - 2019)

This is the battery for this CX-9 key fob:

How to Replace the Mazda CX-9 2007-2015 Flip Fob Battery

Unlike the first, the CR1620 battery can be a bit tricky to replace. However, with my step-by-step guide and full video tutorial, fixing in a new battery will be a walk in the park. So keep reading!

What you will need:
• 1x CR1620 battery
• A tape-wrapped flathead screwdriver
• Precision screwdriver (3.0mm/PH0 or smaller)
• Pen, pencil, toothpick, or another thin tool

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Step 1

Start by pressing the metal button on the front of your key fob to flip out the auxiliary key.

Step 2

Locate the seam on the top of the key compartment (close to the outer edge). While holding the top of the fob (where the metal button is) with your thumb, use your fingers or a flat-head screwdriver to push up against the seam. This is to separate the top piece of plastic from the rest of the key fob.

Step 3

Next is to insert your flathead screwdriver into the bottom of the key fob where the keyring attaches. Twist, and push each battery cover further apart. You should now be able to fully separate the two halves with your fingers, exposing the battery.

Step 4

Hold the key fob with the key facing down, and insert your screwdriver into the bottom-right corner of the indentation that houses the battery (there is a small black arrow pointing towards it). In a prying and rocking motion, pull the battery up from the socket with your tool until the battery pops out.

If the rubber ring detaches, ensure you attach it back before moving on to the next step.

Step 5

Now is the time for a key battery replacement. Slide in the new battery into the socket with the positive pole facing down. Start with the top side of the battery, getting that lined up before pushing on the bottom of the battery to click it into place.

Step 6

Finally, reconnect each battery cover into place (be careful and ensure the circuit board is secure) and flip your key back in.

Congrats, your Mazda CX-9 flip key fob has a brand new battery! If installed correctly, it should work just fine.

Mazda CX-9 Flip Key Fob Battery Replacement (2007 - 2015)

This is the battery for this CX-9 key fob:

Signs To Know Your Mazda CX-9 Key Fob Battery Power is Low:

If the operation indicator light wouldn’t flash, your Mazda battery power may be low or damaged. Here are other signs to watch out for.

  • There is a reduction in the system’s operational range.

  • Pressing the buttons does not activate the system, and the transmitter’s operation indicator light does not flash.

  • KEY indicator light, usually green, flashes in the instrument cluster for like 30 seconds after you switch off the engine.

To prevent damage, try replacing the key battery at an Authorized Mazda Dealer.

Alternatively, you can follow the detailed instructions above for a quick and seamless new battery replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size battery does a Mazda CX-9 key fob take?

Most models of a Mazda CX-9 key fob use either of these two batteries – CR2025 or CR1620 battery.

Can I replace the key fob battery in my Mazda key fob by myself?

Absolutely! By following instructions above, your DIY Mazda cx-9 key fob battery replacement will be done quickly and effortlessly.

P.S: You may experience battery leakage if the new battery is not installed correctly.

How do I dispose of my Mazda used batteries?

Follow these instructions to dispose of your used batteries.

  • Use a cellophane or any equivalent tape to insulate the plus and minus terminals of your battery.

  • Do not disassemble the battery.

  • Do not throw the battery into water or fire.

  • Do not crush or deform.

  • Ensure you only replace the old one with the same type battery – CR2025 or equivalent.