Mazda 2 Key Fob Battery Remote Replacement DIY Years 2011-2014

The simplest guide to your Mazda 2 key fob battery replacement.

A Mazda 2 remote key fob enables a keyless entry remote. This grants you easy access to your vehicle.

However, as much as you may want this convenience to continue, there comes a time when the keyless entry remote battery becomes weak. When this happens, you are unable to lock your car or trunk doors remotely.

But no worries because in this post, you’ll learn the right steps to not just open a Mazda key fob but also replace the dead battery in it. This is your chance to learn how to unlock the ignition and install the battery all by yourself!

Keep reading and be sure to follow each instruction on your Mazda 2 key fob battery replacement.

A Little About Mazda 2

The Mazda 2, also known as the Demio, 121, or Metro, is an award-winning supermini car. In production since 1996, the vehicle is currently in its fourth generation. Mazda 2 won the 2008 “World Car of the Year” award and the 2014-2015 “Car of the Year Japan” award. It’s easy to see why the Mazda 2 is such a popular car with its stylish exterior, impressive performance, and great value.

Since 2011, the Mazda 2 has used the same key fob. The Mazda 2’s “flip” key fob offers everything you could want in a car remote: locking, unlocking, panic, and hands-free trunk opening. Also, this key fob has a life-saving—and fun to play with—feature in its retractable physical key. If your battery ever dies, you will still have instant access to your vehicle. 

What’s that, your battery did die? Well, no worries. In this post, you will discover everything you need to know to open up your Mazda 2 key fob and change the battery—DIY style.

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How to Replace the Mazda 2 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Flip 3-Button Fob Battery

Mazda 2 key fob battery replacement

Follow along and you will replace your Mazda 2 key fob battery in no time. Scroll down to see a full video tutorial or keep reading for a step-by-step guide on one of the Mazda models remote key fob battery replacement.

What you will need:
• 1x CR1620 battery
• Flat-head screwdriver
• Precision screwdriver (3.0mm/PH0 or smaller)
• Pen, toothpick, or another thin tool

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Final Image Mazda 2 Flip Key

How to Change the Battery in a Mazda 2 Flip 3-Button Key Fob

Total Time: 4 minutes

1. Press silver button to release internal key

Mazda 2 Flip Key Press silver button to release internal key

First, release the internal key. To do this, simply press the silver button on the face of your key fob.

2. Insert small screwdriver to create separation

Now can you notice light reflecting off on the sides of the key fob? This is where you will insert your small flathead screwdriver to create a bit of a separation.

3. Twist tool at keyring to separate

Mazda 2 Flip Key Twist tool at keyring to separate

Next, insert the same tool at the bottom where the keyring attaches and twist it gently to separate the device into two halves completely.

4. Pry out battery using tool

Mazda 2 Flip Key Pry out battery using tool

Now that you are inside, go ahead and use your precision screwdriver (or another thin tool) to pry out the battery. With the key facing down, put the tool into the bottom right of the battery compartment. Pull down in a prying motion until the CR1620 battery pops out.

5. Replace with new CR1620 battery

The next thing is to replace the dead battery. Place your new battery with the positive side face down into the square battery compartment. Align the top of the battery in position and then push down on the bottom of the battery to snap it into place.

6. Reattach key fob snugly

Mazda 2 Flip Key Reattach key fob snugly

Finally, reattach the key fob’s other half, ensuring it fits snugly back into place.

Boom—you’re done! You have successfully replaced the old battery and you now have a brand new one in your Mazda 2 key fob. Nice work!

Mazda 2 Flip Key Fob Battery Replacement (2011 - 2014)

Frequently Asked Questions

What battery does Mazda 2 key fob take?

Most Mazda models use a CR1620 battery. Along with the battery, you need a small flathead screwdriver for the replacement process.

Can I replace my Mazda 2 key battery myself?

Absolutely yes, you can. Scroll up and find the easy step-by-step guide for a DIY key fob battery replacement.

Bottom Line

Every battery eventually dies, and that includes your Mazda 2 key fob battery. if you ever have trouble opening or closing your car doors, feel free to refer to the above guide for a seamless key fob battery change.