Pagani Key Fobs — Everything You Need To Know

If you choose a luxury car brand like Aston Martin, Tesla, or Mercedes-Benz, you can expect the key fobs to be just as luxurious as the car itself. The same holds for the high-end Italian manufacturer Pagani.

Check out this guide to learn more about Pagani car keys. We’ll discuss what the car key may look like, what justifies the high price, and more.

What Does the Pagani Huayra Key Look Like?

Every model from this brand features different key fobs. And while all of these car keys are luxurious, enthusiasts praise the Huayra key fob as one of the best fobs on the market.

Manufacturers make these key fobs out of the same aluminum it uses to make their cars. As for the design, they are essentially miniature replicas of Huayra cars. The attention to detail is worthy of praise, and the beautiful metallic-silver coatings make the key look even more luxurious.

The lock and unlock buttons are easily accessible on the fob’s undercarriage. When you pull the outer shell apart, this special car key turns into two useful pieces. The back half is the car key that you insert into the ignition to start your car. It’s interesting as when you insert the key, it kind of looks like the car is crashing into your dashboard. The top half is a USB stick with lots of available space to store music.

Another related point worth mentioning is that you can see the Mercedes-Benz V12 engine that Huayras have inside when you open the outer shell. Saying that enthusiasts may feel taken aback by this special detail is an understatement.

How Do You Get a Pagani Huayra Key?

As one of the best key fob items, a Pagani fob isn’t something that just anyone can buy. You will need to get the key from your dealer and have them program it for your car.

How Much Does a Pagani Key Cost?

We’ll be the first to admit that these car keys are not cheap — after all, we’re talking about a high-end automotive manufacturer. The Huayra keys typically run for around $5,000.

Though, it’s fair to assume that $5,000 for the key is chump-change to Huayra owners as they spend at least seven figures on their cars.

What Is the Most Expensive Car Key to Replace?

It’s hard to determine what car keys are the most expensive to replace as it depends on what model you have, where you get the car key fob from, how you program the device, etc. However, we can give you some information on replacing car keys for luxury brands.

As we mentioned earlier, a Huayra key fob is quite expensive to replace. It makes matters worse knowing that you can’t save money by buying a used key fob model online.

Mercedes-Benz is similar in that its car keys pair “for life.” The first time you connect it with a car is the only time you can connect with a car. So, you’ll have to buy a brand new device if you ever need a replacement.

Replacing car keys for Aston Martin and Tesla cars might be more affordable. You can buy a used one online, and you might even be able to program it yourself! If not, it can be taken to a dealer.

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Why Are Key Fobs So Expensive?

It’s hard to believe that a key fob is so expensive when it’s just something you use to start your vehicle.

So, how do manufacturers justify the price? We can break the reasons down into two categories — functionality and perceived value.


It’s certainly not cheap for manufacturers to create these devices. They require a tiny battery and intricate circuitry to fit in such a tiny remote. One must also consider the price of programming it with your vehicle.

Perceived Value

Additionally, you need to consider the perceived value. Manufacturers know that a luxury car owner isn’t afraid of the fob price. They know people are willing to pay because of the unique design and the status symbol.

One should realize that perceived value isn’t exclusive to this manufacturer. Other related luxury brands such as Aston Martin and Tesla share this dependency on a customer’s willingness to pay for quality and status.

How Can I Start My Vehicle If I Lost My Key Fob?

There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to find your fob before work. Even when you’re not in a rush, the last thing you want to deal with is a lost fob.

Unfortunately, if you lose your Pagani fob, you might have to wait a while. You can’t use your vehicle as the fob has the lock/unlock buttons and the ignition starter.

If your car key is gone for good, you’ll have to contact a dealer to make you a new custom design for your model.

What If I Locked My Car Key in My Vehicle?

If you just locked your fob in your vehicle, consider calling a locksmith. Once he comes, he can get you inside so that you can retrieve your car key. Make sure that the locksmith you call specializes in premium makes.

What If Your Car Key Fob Dies?

This premium manufacturer makes quality products. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean your fob will never die.

If your car key isn’t working as it should, take it to your dealer. They can determine whether you need to replace the battery or the whole device. If it’s the latter, see if your model comes with a warranty.

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Pagani Huayra Keys — The Bottom Line

The car key from this premium manufacturer is a marvel. We’ve sought to shed light on the topic by going over what it looks like, how it’s used, how much it costs, and everything in between. Feel free to bookmark our 2021 guide so that you can refer to it should you ever need a replacement or run into issues with your key.