Peugeot Key Fobs — Everything You Need to Know

Your Comprehensive Guide on Peugeot Key Fobs

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Peugeot cars are vehicles that any car aficionado will enjoy driving. They have a sleek, professional appearance and offer a smooth ride. The company has been manufacturing and improving its automobiles since the early 1900s, so you know it’s committed to providing quality.

One newer feature that Peugeot owners love is the remote key fob. This feature is available with multiple models, so you can enjoy it no matter your Peugeot preferences.

Read on to learn more about Peugeot remotes, the different types, and how you can keep yours in working condition.

How Does the Peugeot Remote Key Fob Work?

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If you’ve owned a vehicle with a remote key fob in the past, you’ll be prepared to use this kind of button remote with your Peugeot vehicle.

It connects remotely to a transponder inside your vehicle. Once you program it correctly, you can unlock and lock your vehicle with the click of a button — there’s no need to pull out your manual key to open the door.

The remote key fob operates on a single battery that lasts for many months without replacement. Eventually, you’ll need to seek a brand-new battery for your Peugeot car keys.

Peugeot Car Keys: The 2-Button vs. 3-Button Design

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The majority of Peugeot auto remotes (regardless if you have a 206, 207, 307, or another model) have three buttons:

  1. A “lock” button (located at the top)
  2. An “emergency lights” button (located in the middle)
  3. An “unlock” button (located at the bottom)

Almost all Peugeot remote key fobs will have this three-button design, but some will have a 2-button design. Some people enjoy the 2-button design for simplicity, but others prefer something more than the 2-button design to access additional features.

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Among the auto remotes with a 3-button shell case, you may find variations with the middle button. Like we mentioned earlier, your shell case might have the “emergency lights” button as the middle button on their shell case. But others will have an “open trunk” button as the third option on their shell case.

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Using a Blade to Put a Brand-New Battery in Your Peugeot Remote Key Fob

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Is your remote key fob no longer unlocking and locking the door of your Peugeot 207, 307, 206, or another vehicle? Some vehicle owners will begin to rely on the manual key. While you can use this item, you shouldn’t have to. You can get full use of your Peugeot key fob by performing a battery replacement.

Do you have a question or two on how to replace your auto key fob battery? Follow these steps for battery replacement in your Peugeot key fob:

  1. First, gather an item with a blade-like edge. An item like a small knife blade, coin, or flathead screwdriver fits the bill.
  2. Use the blade-like item to ease the shell case off and reveal the battery. Note: The blade might be sharp, so ensure you exercise caution when using any blade edge.
  3. Slide the blade-like item underneath the battery to pop it out of place.
  4. Guide the new CR2032 battery into place using your blade. Ensure the “+” side faces up and that it fits snugly. If you haven’t already bought a battery, you can find these products from a site like Amazon.
  5. Slide the shell case back onto your key fob. Use your blade to ensure the case fits and won’t fall off. At this point, you should have your 2-button remote ready to use. And, all you needed was a blade edge, a CR2032 battery, and a couple of minutes out of your day.
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How Much Is a Replacement Peugeot Car Key?

If using blade-like products and a brand-new battery to replace the battery didn’t work, there might be a larger problem with your key fob. Maybe it sustained water damage or irreparable destruction from a tumble.

In this case, you’ll have to purchase a replacement button remote. A brand-new button remote can cost you around $200 for most Peugeot models. As you’re shopping for a brand-new button remote, ensure you have your car’s model number readily available. This information will ensure you buy a button remote that fits with your vehicle.

Sometimes, the replacement cost can be much cheaper. Some people will only need a new shell case if one of the buttons is defective on their 2-button remote. You can often shop for a 2-button shell case and pay under $10. It’s all about finding an affordable and reputable site that sells 2-button shell cases for whatever key fob version you have (the 307, for instance).

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How Do You Program a Peugeot Key Fob?

When you purchase a new Peugeot key fob, it’ll have a blank circuit board. You can’t find products that work with your specific vehicle from the beginning. You have to get these blank products programmed so that they can recognize your vehicle.

Even if you buy a refurbished key fob, the transponder chip won’t recognize your vehicle. You’ll need to take it to a dealer or locksmith who specializes in automotive work. One of these professionals will take apart your case using a blade and get your blank key in working condition.

Can You Program a Brand-New Key Fob Yourself?

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It’s possible to program a brand-new key fob yourself, but you must be prepared to rifle through page after page in your vehicle’s manual. You’ll also need special tools, like an OBD2 diagnostic tool, to erase the key fob’s memory of a past vehicle. Individuals without ample experience will often have questions on how these tools work, delaying the key fob programming process.

If you’re not sure of your programming abilities and want to save yourself the hassle, take your brand-new fob to the dealer. A professional will program your blank key fob efficiently as if it was sold to you brand-new. Trying to learn about programming procedures yourself is often not worth your time and effort.

Final Thoughts — Peugeot Remote Keys

With this navigation and guidance on Peugeot remotes, you should be able to own one with confidence. If you have an unanswered question about your Peugeot remote key, seek the assistance of your local dealer or locksmith to learn more.