Tesla Key Fobs – Everything You Need to Know

It’s often said that if you own a Tesla, you already own one of the most high-tech vehicles on the road in 2021. But upgrading your key fob could make your driving experience even better.

Thinking about getting a Tesla key fob? We’ll tell you about what these remotes do, what options are available to purchase, answer related questions, give our top tips, and more.

Features and Functions

Tesla’s key fobs have several awesome functions that owners of the vehicles love. Here are just some of them:

Lock and Unlock Buttons

Locking and unlocking the vehicle becomes easy thanks to the two locking and unlocking buttons on the remote. As long as your remote is within range, you can automatically unlock and lock your vehicle, including the trunk, at a distance.

Passive Entry

Passive entry is a great feature that will save you time when unlocking or locking your vehicle. As long as your remote is close to the vehicle and is paired with a phone, your car doors and trunk will automatically lock and unlock based on your location. You can open and drive your Tesla without pressing a button.

Panic Alarm

If you experience distress while in the car, you can use the panic alarm option. Pressing this button will cause your vehicle to send out a noise, which will show nearby drivers that you’re not well.


Unlike some other remotes for other cars, a Tesla allows you to program your new key fob while you’re inside the car. You can pair your new remote automatically by following a series of programming instructions.


Water isn’t an issue with a Tesla key fob — you can unlock the car using in the rain without damaging the remote. It’s not fully waterproof, however, so never submerge the device in water.

Pros and Cons


There are plenty of pros related to getting a Tesla key fob:


There’s no better way to unlock your car or the trunk than by using the passive entry system. This feature allows you to unlock and get into your car without pressing a button.


Tesla’s key fob is a small, sleek device that’s said to resemble the shape of a car. The remote can easily fit in your pocket or inside a handbag.

Unlock and Drive Without Batteries

If the battery inside the remote die before you can get to replace them, there’s no need to worry. You can still unlock the door thanks to Tesla’s unique B-pillar feature.

Simply place the key on the B-pillar at the side of the door, and you can open the door and start the engine if you do so within 2 minutes. You’ll never have to worry about dead batteries again.

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There are at least two cons to getting a Tesla key fob:

Potential Safety Risk

The passive entry system could pose a potential safety risk since it allows Tesla owners to unlock their cars without pressing a button by being close to the car. Therefore, if you park your car outside your house, it may be that the car is still open when you’re inside the house.

In addition, if you can’t find your key fob and it’s within range, you may be unable to lock your vehicle because of passive entry. Both of these circumstances are highly unlikely, but it’s always important to be on the safe side.

Not Compatible With All Smartphones

To use the Tesla passive entry system, you need to have a phone to pair with the car. However, not every phone type is compatible. Therefore, if you have a new phone, check whether it is compatible before purchasing your key fobs.

Model 3 Key Fob Passive Entry

Remotes are available for all Tesla models (Model X, Y, S, and 3).

The Model 3 key fob is a particularly sophisticated and well-engineered key fob. The key resembles the shape of the Model 3 Tesla and has a Model 3 badge at the back.

The Model 3 key fob comes with all the features you would expect from a Tesla key fob, including the ability to unlock and activate the engine to drive the car without having to touch the vehicle.

The Model 3 key fob also has user-friendly features, such as allowing you to still be able to unlock the car when the device has run out of battery. However, not all Model 3 key fobs have passive entry functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Tesla Key Fob Worth It?

Most Tesla owners use a key fob to get into their cars, and many wouldn’t think twice about having to find a replacement if they needed one. Users generally report great satisfaction results after their purchase. However, whether a key fob is worth it depends on the way you use your car, including how you usually gain entry to it.

For instance, if you’re used to using the mobile app, you may not want to buy a key fob. However, if you would like a spare in case of a smartphone problem, then it could be worth the investment.

Does Tesla Come With Key Fob?

When you buy a Tesla, expect to get at least one key fob. You can also use your phone to access your vehicle.

How Much Is a Replacement Tesla Key Fob?

If you already owned a key fob and would like to buy a replacement, the price of a new key will depend on the particular model you own, its year, and whether you want to have passive entry functionality.

Verdict: Should You Buy the Tesla Key Fob?

The Tesla Key fob is a practical and convenient way to lock and unlock your car. It is safe, portable and, and operational even when the battery runs out.

However, the key fob does come with a price tag. So, if you’re thinking about buying one, consider whether the functionality offered by it over the smartphone app is worth the investment.