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Our video tutorials show you everything you need to know to replace your battery at home, without any special tools or prior experience!

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Volkswagen Key Fobs — Everything You Need to Know

Volkswagen key fob replacement

As a VW fob owner, you shouldn’t need to search the internet for hours to find the information you need, especially when it comes to your Volkswagen key replacement — we’re at your service!

Here is your assembled go-to haven for details on Volkswagen key fobs. Read this guide to learn how VW key fobs work, the prices they go for, programming info, and more.

How Does a VW Key Fob Work?

Remember the days of owning a traditional key for your car? You’d use this tool to open your door and turn on the ignition. With a little jam-and-jiggle (and no intricate technology), you’d be on your way.

In modern times, there are newer models and many Volkswagen owners have become much more familiar due to their smart keys that allow for keyless entry car remotes. These remotes contain transponder chips that interact with the receiver in your vehicle.

As long as you have your programmed remote on your person, then you have a working key and can lock/unlock your vehicle whenever you’re standing near it.

Depending on the type of remote you have, you may be able to drive away without having to pull out any physical keys.

Types of Volkswagen Keyless Entry Remotes

Volkswagen key fob replacement There are two main

There are two main types of Volkswagen keyless entry remotes available:

  • Volkswagen Flip Key

  • Volkswagen Key Fob

The Volkswagen Flip version is much more rudimentary. You can lock and unlock your Volkswagen vehicle by clicking the corresponding button on your remote. When you’re ready to drive off, you have to flip the key out of its position and stick it into the ignition.

Many owners prefer the Volkswagen car key fob. It allows them to access their vehicles remotely. Not once do they need to pull out their manual key, of course, the key fob is like their ‘auto locksmith’. A key fob lets car owners push their vehicles’ “Start/Stop” engine buttons to begin driving, and it unlocks/locks their doors similar to the Flip version

Call us unbiased, as we see the benefits to both. Some car owners don’t like to rely on the “Start/Stop” button, while others think of it as a luxury.

Which Volkswagen Models Have Key Fobs?

There are dozens of Volkswagen vehicles, and every model caters to the unique preferences of any customer. No matter what you prefer, whether it’s something compact like the 2021 Volkswagen Jetta or a more spacious vehicle like the 2021 Routan or Passat model, you don’t have to sacrifice your key fob.

How Much Is a New VW Key Fob?

Volkswagen key fob replacement

The price of a key replacement for a VW key fob can be anywhere between $150 and $550. The price a customer will pay will depend on factors like:

  • The type of Volkswagen fob

  • Where they shop for their new car key replacement (online, an auto parts store, an automotive locksmith, your car dealer)

  • The year your vehicle was manufactured

Why Is My Volkswagen Key Fob Not Working?

Some car owners are mechanically inclined — they don’t mind when they have to perform an oil or tire change.

However, issues with automotive electrical parts are sure to bring about frustration. If it’s your first time owning a vehicle with a keyless remote, you may not know why it’s malfunctioning. You may wonder, does it need a new key, key programming services, maybe? Or is there a need for a replacement key, a Volkswagen ignition cylinder replacement?

The truth is, the most likely culprit of a malfunctioning key device is a dead battery. This is especially true if the push button ignition does not start your car.

Volkswagen keyless remotes commonly take a single CR2032. This battery will last for a year or longer, depending on how often you use your fob. However, it’ll eventually die and require replacement.

Luckily, you don’t need any fancy tools to perform a dead battery replacement. In fact, you can complete the process today using only a few minutes of your time.

How to Replace the Volkswagen Key Fob Battery

Check out these simple steps to put a different battery into your 2021 Passat car’s (or other most Volkswagen models) keyless remote:

Step 1:

Insert the blade of a small flathead screwdriver into the key fob shell’s groove. Please be careful not to cut yourself.

Step 2:

Replace the old CR2032 with the new key fob battery. Make sure the new battery is in the right position (the negative side should not make contact with the case).

Step 3:

Finally, reassemble the shell.

You’re free to use your Volkswagen car remote as normal once you’ve completed the battery replacement.

Turning Your Vehicle On with a Broken Volkswagen Key Fob

You may call us crazy, but did you know there’s a way to turn on your vehicle with a broken Volkswagen key fob? That’s right.

How do you do this?

First, get inside your vehicle. Then place your remote in your car’s charging area. You’ll have to look around to find the charging area. If you can’t locate it, you can get help from your car’s user manual.

Note: The charging area might be on top of the “Start/Stop” engine knob, inside the glove box, or under the cup holders. Once you place your device in its charging area, push the brake and engine buttons like you normally would.

Use this method until you can order a fob replacement for a fair price from your dealer or another seller.

Where Can I Buy a Volkswagen Key Fob?

Volkswagen key fob replacement

The best place to buy a Volkswagen key fob replacement is from your dealership. Your Volkswagen dealer will specialize in VW remotes, so you can ensure the programming service will be up-to-par.

Depending on your vehicle’s warranty, you might be able to secure a new fob for free. It won’t hurt to contact your car dealer and determine if you qualify for a free or reduced-price device.

Shop Online

As a VW customer, visiting a dealer isn’t your only option. You can shop around for new keys online to find a good price. Remember that you’ll still have to bring your new device to a service professional and pay the price for programming services.

Can a Locksmith Make a Volkswagen Key?

Yes, you can search for and call a locksmith to make a new VW fob or program your key fob. However, you should only call an automotive locksmith team with years of experience and tips working on vehicles. This professional will deliver new car keys fob within hours at a reasonable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

I just changed the battery & my Volkswagen key fob still isn’t working

If you choose to replace your car key fob battery and your device still doesn’t do its job, there might be a greater programming issue at hand.

In this instance, you’ll likely have to get it re-programmed. It’s best to enlist a service professional to complete the reprogramming process for your keys.

How do I get a Volkswagen car key replacement?

It is recommended to simply visit a Volkswagen retailer, particularly the store from which you got your car. You will also need a copy of your identification and proof that your vehicle belongs to you.

Can I program a VW key fob myself?

Yes, you can. Press the lock button and put your keys into the ignition while your car is locked. The red flashing lights on a VW keypad should reset the keypad function. Re-programming can be repeated a number of times.

What battery goes in my Volkswagen car key fob?

All VW key fobs use one of three types of batteries: CR2032 batteries, CR2025 batteries, or CR1620 batteries. These 3v coin batteries are inexpensive and last a long time. You will find them in popular models.

Where can I buy Volkswagen key fob replacement batteries?

You can find key fob batteries online, or at hardware stores, electronics stores, and hobby stores. By far, the most convenient way to get your hands on a battery is to order one online. The ordering process is super easy.

They’ll ship right to your doorstep, usually for a better price than what you’d find in-store. To find your battery on Amazon, click on one of the following battery types: CR2032 batteries, CR2025 batteries, or CR1620 batteries.

How much does it cost to replace a Volkswagen car key?

Getting your key fob fixed at a dealership will cost you significantly more than doing it yourself. If the only problem is a dead battery, you can order a new battery on Amazon and follow one of our tutorials to change it yourself. However, if your locksmith orders it, it may come at a higher price.

The battery costs a couple of bucks and the entire process of replacing it only takes about five minutes. However, if your key fob is broken or defective, you may need to replace the whole thing, which will be more expensive.

How do you change the battery in a 2008 VW key fob?

It depends on which key fob type you have. Some model years have multiple key fobs in use simultaneously—there is no one correct answer here.

To see how to change the battery in your Volkswagen key fob, scroll up and find the video that has your device in the thumbnail. That video will show you the easy step-by-step process of Volkswagen car key replacement.

How do you change the battery in a Volkswagen Jetta car key fob?

Most car models have multiple possible key fobs depending on the year and trim. To see how to change the battery in your specific Jetta key fob, scroll up to the top of the page and click on “Jetta” from the “Volkswagen Vehicle Models” list. 

Final Thoughts — Shopping for a Volkswagen Key Fob

Shopping for a new Volkswagen key fob replacement doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Your first step should be to replace the fob’s battery. If this method still doesn’t fix the problem, follow our advice to order a fob from a dealer at the best price.

They’ll perform a thorough programming service with the right tools in hand. For car owners looking for a great deal, you can try buying online and bringing your new device to an automotive locksmith for programming. Go ahead and enjoy your new Volkswagen key fob!