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how to change car key fob batteries
Learn how to change the battery in your car key fob!

I’ve created over 500 original videos, photos, and guides on how to change car fob batteries! It’s not the most exciting topic I know, but it’s been a labor of love to put together these guides.

There are hundreds of different types of key fobs in existence, and we are working our way through all the major car brands to give you in-depth tutorials for all of them.

UPDATE: As of August 2022, we have completed over 80% of car key fobs in the last three decades (90’s-2022). I hope to finish up the rest this year.

Most key batteries are “CR” coin or key batteries – such as the CR 2450 key fob battery.

Below is our current list of brands for which we have crated battery change guides. We also have a guide to changing the battery in the Tile Mate and Tile Pro devices.

Battery Change Key Fob Guides by Brand w Videos

Popular Key Battery Guides

Battery Change Key Fob Guides by Brand – Videos Coming Soon

Key Fob Replacements

Common Fob Batteries

The most popular car key fob battery is the CR2032. This is the most popular car key fob battery in the world. The numbers in the battery indicate the size of the battery in diameter (wide) and height (tall). So the 2032 battery is 20mm wide and 3.2mm tall. The C indicates a lithium chemistry battery. The R indicates the shape: Round.

Other common “button batteries” for key fobs include:

  • CR2450
  • CR2032
  • VL2020
  • CR2025
  • CR1616
  • CR2016

Generic How-To Guides


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