Audi Key Fobs — Everything You Need to Know

Picture this: You’re about to hop in your Audi vehicle only to realize you can’t get in. Maybe you’ve lost your keys, your car’s fob is out of batteries, or the fob has been damaged. This can really put a damper on your day. But don’t fear!

From finding the right replacement and getting the best deals to programming the remote start yourself, the customer has all the power. Don’t waste it! Check out our guide, so you can find the right remote for your vehicle and discover all the information you need.

Audi Models with Keyless Entry Remotes

  • A4
  • A6
  • A8
  • Allroad Quattro
  • Cabriolet
  • RS6
  • S4
  • S6
  • S8
  • TT Coupe/Roadster

Pros of an Audi Keyless Entry Remote

  • Price: An online shop or second-hand automotive shop can provide a very affordable price on replacement electronics. Unlike an Audi dealer, they can offer you an affordable key fob remote.
  • Self-programmable buttons: For the keyless entry feature, any customer can self-program the buttons on the case without a locksmith or dealer’s support.

Cons of an Audi Keyless Entry Remote

  • Requires initial programming: While the buttons may not need to be programmed by a professional, you will need a locksmith or original manufacturer to cut the keys and align them to your Audi car.

Batteries for Audi Key Fob Remotes

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All replacement key fobs for Audi vehicles use CR2032 batteries. This uniformity makes finding the related batteries for your remote simple and easy!

You will find replacement battery products in stock on any online store or even in stock in a local store. These products are also very affordable. Most products are less than $5 total on websites like Amazon, Inc.

How to Replace the Battery in an Audi Key Fob

To insert replacement batteries for your fob, all you’ll need is a flathead screwdriver. Here’s how the replacement should work:

  1. Flip open the top part of the fob.
  2. Use the flathead screwdriver on the back of the fob to separate the top part of the fob.
  3. Again, use the flathead to wedge into the seam of the bottom part and twist to remove the back of the fob.
  4. The batteries should now be visible. You can use the flathead to remove the batteries.
  5. Insert the replacement batteries and reassemble the fob by snapping the pieces back together.
  6. If battery replacement didn’t work, you might need to email your dealer to discuss another solution.
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Does Audi Offer Remote Start?

While advanced Audi fobs (especially those made in 2021) have a remote engine start, this does not typically work for all Audi key fobs. If you purchase the basic flip key, it cannot make your engine start unless you turn the ignition.

Purchasing Audi Keyless Entry Remotes

Ready to find a new remote for your favorite Audi? Here’s all the related information you need to know for purchasing and putting it into action!

Where Can I Get an Audi Key Fob?

Whether you ship fobs to your address from a reliable site or buy them on-site at your local store, there are many places you can purchase the Audi brand key fobs. With popular brands of vehicles like Audi, you can search around for the lowest prices quickly.

Search for a web page with the lowest price and a customer email service that looks reliable! You might even be able to find a discount code available online. Don’t limit yourself to a dealer’s prices, and find the best price tag yourself!

How Much Does an Audi Key Fob Cost?

As each year passes, the price of a vehicle’s key will fall. And the price for the customer will follow! So if you have an older model car, you can find replacement keys for as little as $30 or less. View the lowest prices online for your vehicle or email your dealer for a quote.

However, you may want to also factor in the price to program the replacement. If you read the receipt after programming from an Audi dealer, you’ll see a much higher price than you may expect. Please remember that a dealer will charge you more for the fob itself and programming.

For the best deal on a replacement fob, read prices across the web. See if you can even find a discount code. And if you’re comfortable, please consider programming what you can yourself for the lowest price!

What Buttons Are Included on an Audi Key Fob?

An Audi key fob will typically include four buttons:

  • A lock button
  • An unlock button
  • A trunk release
  • A panic button

How Do I Program My Audi Key Fob?

When you purchase a key fob, you always have the option to contact a locksmith’s shop or automotive shop for support. But you can also program it yourself. When you receive your key fob, there will be instructions to read for programming the keys and car within your owner’s manual.

Self-Programming vs. a Professional Service

There are two parts of your replacement remote that make it work: the fob and the cut key. Both the fob and cut key need to be programmed to the car because these flip fobs don’t allow for proxy engine start. While a customer can do the programming for the remote, you will need help with the key.

You can go either to a dealer or locksmith shop for varying results in price. The key needs to be cut and programmed. This is in addition to programming the remote. Read in your owner’s manual for comprehensive details on programming.


Need to ship a replacement Audi key fob to your house? Shopping for and purchasing one has never been easier! You don’t need to go to a dealer where the price will be far higher. As a customer, you have more options than ever.

So when it’s time to get new remotes, don’t waste your time at a brand-name dealer. Do your shopping online for the best price on electronics, program what you can yourself, and you’ll have a great replacement or additional remote for your Audi!