Buick Key Fobs — Everything You Need To Know

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There’s nothing more frustrating than discovering your Buick key has broken. Thankfully, buying fobs for your vehicles doesn’t have to be a stressful process.

Unlike a traditional car key, fobs don’t require you to physically insert them for them to work. Instead, clever programming allows you to lock and unlock your Buick automotive remotely.

To understand more about the types of Buick key fobs available and how to find a replacement for a reasonable price, read on.

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What Types of Buick Key Fobs are Available?

The type of Buick key you need depends on the model of your vehicle and the programming of its doors and locks.

Transponder Key

If you own an older car or truck it’s likely that they will need a transponder key. They must be inserted into the doors and ignition, and are not remote.

This makes them harder to use than keyless entry remotes. However, because the programming is simple, the cost is often low compared to a Buick key fob.

Keyless Entry Remote

A keyless remote uses smart programming to interact with your Buick remotely. A customer can open and start their vehicle quickly and without contact.

If you are buying a new Buick remote you will need to use a specialist business to program it for your automotive. This means that the cost can be slightly higher than transponder car keys.

Smart Keyless Entry Remote

If your Buick is a newer model, you may need an advanced fob for the door. It is similar to the previous model but includes an uncut emergency key.

By using an OEM (factory GM) remote you can keep your vehicles safe. Ask your local dealership for more information on pricing, instructions and safety tips.

A specialist dealer can help you understand which type to buy, and will often code and program keys and remotes for you.

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Features and Functions

Compared to traditional ignition keys, there are several functions of a Buick key fob:

Contact-Free Locking

A key fob is a great option for those who require mobility support. Unlike traditional locks, this new technology means that locking can be done remotely.

Easily Available

As the Buick brand is common, you can usually get a new key at your dealer. This makes shopping easy.


No need to worry about your bank account. Find an OEM key in your favorite shop or site. If you’ve lost a key from a year ago that’s not available online, it’s a good idea to call a Buick dealer. They can help you find a replacement for a reasonable price.

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Useful Buttons

Buick key fobs are often fitted with a menu of helpful things as well as opening and ignition starting.

Many also include a panic alarm button. This button lets you quickly and silently call for a help service to your address to save you if you are in danger. This can help keep you safe.

Battery Powered

Key fobs are battery-powered. The size of the battery will depend on the brand and how new the item is.

If you are concerned about battery power or related issues you should talk to your local shop or Buick dealer. They can advise you on how long it will be until you need a replacement or may provide free charging of batteries.

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Smart Programming

If you have lost your car key or just want a spare, it’s a good idea to choose a Buick fob. Although the need for a service to code it makes the initial cost higher, ultimately the customer sees significant benefits. It allows for mobile locking and easy use for a reasonable price.

Safe Replacement

The unique code in a key fob means that only the keys that have been specially programmed can be used to open your vehicle. No matter which year or the price of your vehicle, it will be kept safe with a high-quality replacement key fob.

Streamlined Design

The curved design of a key fob means that it can easily be transported in a pocket or a bag, unlike a normal key which can scratch your mobile phone or cut your body.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When looking for a replacement key fob it’s natural you have a number of questions. If there are issues not answered on this page or site it’s a good idea to speak to a dealer. They can help with more specific information on the price of a blank or programmed key replacement.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Buick Key Fob?

The cost of replacement for a Buick key fob depends on the models of your car and key. As a general rule, if your key needs programming or batteries it will cost more money. This is because the dealer will have to employ a specialist to program the fobs so that they work with your automotive.

How Do I Get a New Buick Key Fob?

You can easily buy a replacement online or in a dealership. If your motors are a common style you are likely to be able to find them in most car shopping destinations. However, if your Buick is rarer you may have to search to find the right kind.

Can You Program A New Key Fob Yourself?

If you are just programming a key that unlocks, it is sometimes possible to do it yourself. However, to start the ignition you need specialist equipment.

If you need support it’s best to call your local Buick dealer. They can help any customer understand the cost of a spare or replacement key.

Does AutoZone Program Key Fobs?

This depends on the AutoZone store you visit. Some of them offer programming for a low price, but not every store has the equipment needed.

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Pros And Cons

When deciding if a key fob is worth the price it’s important to consider the pros and cons.


  • Necessary: It’s difficult to use your vehicle without a key.
  • Lightweight Design: Fobs are designed and cut to be lightweight. Shipping costs are usually low.
  • Safe: Fobs help to keep your vehicle safe, but accessible.


  • Programing Cost: You have to pay a higher price for a fob. However, this is worth it because of the great features that these models provide.
  • Different Models: Some people find it tricky to know which fob they should get for their Buick. If you’re unsure, contact a dealer.

Verdict: Should You Get A Buick Key Fob?

Replacing a Buick key fob may seem stressful, but it is necessary to keep your car in good working order.

If you want to know the specifics of a key fob for your motor, it’s a good idea to call a dealer. From savings links to detailed information, they can help you get everything you require.

Utilizing new technology will help keep you and your Buick safe.