Cadillac Key Fobs – Everything You Need To Know

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The ease of pressing a button and hearing the satisfying unlocking noise from your Cadillac vehicle is a key development in technology. What is often not discussed is how to shop for a replacement.

To find a Cadillac key fob, you need to match the keyless entry remote to the make and model of your Cadillac car. Not just any key fob will do! You need the one specific to your vehicle so the programming will match.

So, what do you do when the key fob battery dies? How do you find a replacement? What does programming look like? Well, here’s everything you need to know about Cadillac key fobs and shopping for them as the customer.

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Match the Make and Model

For Cadillac entry remotes, you will want the one meant for your car. Many different models have key fobs dating back to the early 2000s, but the functions have changed over the years. Some simply lock/unlock the car, while others operate as smart remotes.

Cadillac remote key options have reciprocity between other cars. Certain keys can match different years of the same Cadillac. It varies, so contact a dealer or search a relevant site for the exact reciprocity. When in doubt, just match your current make, model, and year for the perfect match.

Available Cadillac models for key fobs include:

  • ATS
  • Cadillac CT6
  • CT4
  • CT5
  • CTS
  • DeVille
  • DTS
  • Escalade
  • SRX
  • STS
  • XLR
  • XT4
  • XT5
  • XT6
  • XTS

Most Cadillac key fob options are either rectangular or shield-shaped and come in a standard black. The menu buttons are also black with white or red images depending on the options for your car.

Remote Types

Most Cadillac keyless entry remotes offer multiple buttons to lock/unlock, trigger a panic alarm, and release the trunk of the car. The replacement remote will have an uncut key to be matched to the specifications of your vehicle. Like the CT6 and XT4 models, some Cadillacs have smart remotes that allow for remote engine start of the car. This enables you to have a hands-free start to your car.

How Do Keyless Entry Remotes Work?

Your Cadillac key fob has a short-range radio transmitter that is operable within a certain range of the car. This range is usually between 16 to 65 feet (5 to 20 meters) from the car. When you press a button, a coded signal is sent along radio waves to a receiver in the car, which triggers the desired action.

The keyless entry remote replacement can be reprogrammed by the dealer or local automotive locksmith business. Simply check their site or call and see what programming looks like.

Can I Program the Key from Home?