Chevrolet Key Fobs — Everything You Need to Know

As a Chevy customer, you certainly want to know about any new features, gadgets, and gizmos available for Chevrolet vehicles. You might think that of all of the car components, the keys are sure to be the least interesting. But Chevy key fobs are quite technologically advanced and have some very useful functionalities.

A key fob, or keyless entry remote, makes it easy to unlock your Chevrolet vehicle from a distance. Does that sound a little too pedestrian? Well, over the years, Chevy key fobs have advanced to include other useful features that are sure to impress.

But how does your Chevy key fob work? How do you program it to work with your Silverado or Equinox, and what should you do if you need to replace it? We’ll give you the answers to all these questions and more down below.

What Is a Key Fob?

A key fob is a type of keyless entry remote that serves as an alternative to traditional keys. Rather than having to walk to your Chevy Silverado and insert a key manually, you can simply press a button and unlock it on the fly. This streamlines the process considerably, and it makes you look pretty cool too.

Accessories like these have even better features for newer models of Chevy vehicles. With most new key fobs, you can start your car from a distance with one click or fold and unfold the top of a convertible. With advances like these, Chevy key fobs have gone from being just a replacement for keys to being an entirely new piece of automotive technology.

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Are All Chevy Key Fobs the Same?

In a word, no. Your local Chevrolet dealer should have a diverse range of different styles of keyless entry remotes, with various features available depending on the vehicle it’s compatible with. The Chevy Silverado, for instance, has two options for fob styles, each intended to function with different models of the car.

Standard Remote

For relatively older vehicles (and vehicles with standard “turn-the-key” ignition systems), a standard remote is the way to go. These come equipped with the most basic features, such as remote lock, unlock, and panic buttons.

Smart Remote

These are the remotes used with newer cars that are more technologically advanced. They are usually equipped with other useful tools like the engine start button, power tailgate, and more.

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What Features Do Chevy Key Fobs Have?

These automotive accessories come with plenty of high-tech features to benefit the relationship between you and your new Chevrolet vehicle. Here are some of the most common things your keyless entry remote can do for you:

Remote Lock and Unlock

When you’re within range of your vehicle, this feature allows you to lock and unlock your car with the click of a button.

Panic Alarm

This feature sets off your vehicle’s alarm system on command if you ever need it in an emergency or can’t find your car in a crowded lot.

Remote Engine Start

No need to insert your key into the ignition to start driving! This relatively new feature uses proximity technology to tell if you’re within range of your car and allows you to start the engine on the fly.

Trunk Release

A fairly standard feature, this button pops your trunk remotely.

Power Tailgate

For trucks, this feature will open and close the tailgate automatically.

Folding Top

For a convertible, this feature will fold and unfold the top based on your command.

How Do I Program My Chevy Key Fob?

If you’ve just purchased a new vehicle, the key fob has likely already been programmed to your car by the Chevrolet dealer. However, a replacement fob will need to be programmed to your existing vehicle before it will work.

If you need assistance, you can always contact the service department at your local Chevrolet dealer for help programming accessories like these. But if you’d like to program the remote yourself, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Get inside your Chevrolet vehicle and, making sure that all the doors are closed, insert the key in the ignition.
  2. Press and hold the unlock tab on the door of the vehicle. Turn the key from “on” to “off” twice.
  3. Release the unlock tab and then hold both the lock and unlock buttons on the fob until you hear the doors respond.
  4. Turn the ignition back to “on,” and the programming process is complete.

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Where Can I Replace My Chevy Key Fob?

Shopping for new car parts can often be a frustrating experience. Luckily, the staff at your Chevrolet dealer make it easy to order a replacement key fob or battery. Simply call the dealer closest to your home address to see if they have the right fob in stock, and go pick it up in the store. But if they don’t have the items you need, they can save you the hassle and order them for you. The associates at the dealer can also help you program the transponder.

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Alternatively, make an account on Chevrolet’s site and order the parts you need online. It’s simple to follow the quick links to find the right page, add the necessary items to your cart, view the price, and place your order for shipping.

What Is the Average Price of a New Chevy Key Fob?

The biggest headache when it comes to shopping for new car parts is the price. Luckily, there are ways to search for deals, such as avoiding shipping fees or buying your transponder from a vendor with lower prices.

Buying from Your Chevrolet Dealer

The price of a standard transponder is usually $50 or less from a dealer, while the price of a smart remote is closer to $200. However, you can avoid shipping costs with this method. Plus, the dealer can even assist you with programming.

Buying from a Third Party

An Internet search should bring up many third-party companies who will sell you a fob at a lower price. Just search for your model on their site and view the listing. Sometimes you can even sort the results by price.

These sellers can also provide you with other things like a new battery at a low price.

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Conclusion — Shopping for Chevy Remotes

Chevrolet keyless entry remotes are incredibly useful pieces of technology that are making life easier for Chevy drivers. The features are super handy, and the brand’s excellent customer service makes getting a replacement key fob a breeze.

If you need help or have any questions about remotes for your specific vehicle, contact your local Chevy dealer by placing a phone call or visiting their online site, and a representative should be able to assist you.