GMC Key Fobs — Everything You Need To Know

If you’re looking for help to find the right GMC key replacement for your car, you’ve come to the right place. We know how stressful it can be when you are looking for information about a new replacement key, and with many options for keys to choose from, it’s not easy to find answers to your questions.

But that’s why we’re here! We want to help you make the right choice of key fob products. So use this guide when it’s time for your new GMC key replacement.

Which GMC Models Come with Key Fobs?

  • Acadia
  • Canyon
  • Envoy
  • Jimmy
  • Safari
  • Savana
  • Sierra
  • Suburban
  • Terrain
  • Yukon

GMC Keyless Entry Remote Fobs

Below are the keyless entry remote options available for a GMC model vehicle. Because not all key fobs will work for every car, we have listed the models that are compatible with each key fob.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, you may want to search the part number or name for more details.

  • Keyless Entry Remote — Available for all models.
  • Smart Key with Engine Start — Acadia, Canyon, Savana, Sierra, Terrain, and Yukon.
  • Smart Remote with Power Liftgate or Tailgate — Acadia, Sierra, Terrain, and Yukon.
  • Keyless Entry with Rear Glass — Acadia and Yukon.
  • Keyless Entry Remote with Back Door — Savana

The Pros of GMC Key Remotes

  • High-quality features. Almost every GMC vehicle can offer options of keys to every customer. This means that you can select the price by opting for the remote with the most features or choose more simple items.
  • Easy customer programming. Even for a GMC vehicle from 2021, you can program the key items yourself. This makes it simple for any customer to save money avoiding a dealer.

The Cons of GMC Remotes

  • Make sure you have the right battery. Almost every battery required for a GMC remote is a CR2032. However, only one model of the remotes requires a different one. For example, the 2021 smart remotes for the Yukon model actually need a CR2450. So always check and see what kind is needed before shopping for batteries.
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How Does Programming a GMC Key Fob Work?

The easiest way for you to program a GMC remote and button to your car is to go to a dealership or auto shop where they will program for you. But this will mean a higher price tag for you.

A GMC vehicle is actually very easy to program with the transponder. So to save money and get a much lower price, skip the dealer and shop. A quick search in your provided instructions will help you!

What GMC Key Fob Buttons Are Available?

What buttons your product has will depend on the features available. For example, if your remote only allows you to enter without inserting a key, it will offer only 3-4 buttons. This will include a lock, unlock, and panic button.

But you may get a product with more features. For example, one product may offer a smart engine start, a power liftgate. In this case, the product will have more buttons, with one button per feature at least.

Can I Buy a Key Fob and Program It Myself?

The transponder chip in any key fob requires full programming. Of course, the customer can do this themselves. But for full support, you can also hire a locksmith or dealer to help. You can also get support from your owner’s manual with full, detailed instructions.

Where Can I Purchase a New GMC Key Fob?

There are many places where you can find GMC key products for sale. You can order the part from any online store. Simply apply the product you want to your online cart, await the shipping, and now you have your new keys! You may also be able to go into a locksmith shop, automotive store, or dealer.

How Do I Purchase Keys Online?

When you purchase keys online, you might have to make an account with your email address for service. Make sure that you offer the correct details for your vehicle. Just getting the year or model “close” isn’t going to work, unfortunately.

Get the vehicle number if necessary, enter the details correctly, and contact support by phone call or email message if you’re unsure. They should have a number to call so that you can control whether the right key for your vehicle goes into your cart.

How Much Does an Extra Key Fob Cost?

The average key fob can vary from $40 – $500. Sadly, just because you have one already doesn’t mean you get a second at a discount.

The price will depend on the model and year of your GMC vehicle. Price will also depend on whether you get it from a dealer, which is more expensive than ordering online.

For the lowest price, get the keys for your vehicle online. Then, program the keys yourself, and get support via instructions provided or contact an auto shop if you truly can’t do the programming alone.

Purchasing a Replacement GMC Key Fob

We know you need a new key. But how do you make sure you get a high-quality key, the service required, and necessary shipping? Here’s what you should know.

How Do I Replace a Lost GMC Key?

When you need replacement GMC keys, you will have to take care of two things: the physical keys and the programming. You can walk into a GMC dealer location that will take care of everything for you. Or you can get the physical key fob yourself and take care of the programming. It’s up to you!

How Much Is a GMC Key Fob Replacement?

Because GMC keys are so varied, you can select the tested features you want for your car. This also means that you will have more of a say in price. For example, if you select the most basic keyless entry remote fob, you might pay less than $30. However, the items with more features will cost over $100.

The price will vary by the year, make, and model of your car. It will also depend on where you purchase your remote. For example, a dealer will charge more than shopping online and placing an order with an online store account.

Verdict: Buying a GMC Key Fob

GMC makes excellent cars we all know and love. We also love that their vehicles allow for great variety in selecting a replacement key fob!

Whether you’re short on keys or just want extra to be cautious, it’s easy to get high-quality GMC key remotes at an affordable price by shopping online and programming yourself.