Scion Key Fob Remote Batteries & How to Replace Them

Though the Toyota sub-brand Scion is no longer being produced, it’s still well loved by many of it’s owners. I had a Scion Xb back from 2005 that I loved. It’s still loved by my mother today! Such a great little car. On this page I’ll cover all Scion remote key fob types and how to replace the batteries in them.

Scion Models

  • xA (2-button keyless entry fob, no integrated key)
  • xB
  • tC
  • xD (combo key, keyless unlock fob with integrated key)
  • iQ
  • FR-S

Key Fob Remotes & Battery Types

Scion made a number of different key fobs, most requiring a small CR2016 key battery.

  • 2-button keyless entry fob, no integrated key. Battery: CR2016
  • Combo key. Keyless entry plus integrated key. Battery: CR2016