Volvo Key Fobs — Everything You Need to Know

If your Volvo vehicle is equipped with keyless entry, then you’ll be all too familiar with everything that it offers! The convenience of unlocking with a key tag from five feet away can’t be underestimated. But what happens when you lose your remote key for your Volvo? In this guide, we have all the details you need on different types of remotes for Volvo cars and updated information on where you should go to enlist programming services. Don’t treat your keys as any old accessories. Make sure you know how to get the right key for your Volvo car!





Which Volvo Models Have Keyless Entry?

Your year and model of vehicle will determine whether your vehicle is equipped with keyless entry. If your vehicles fall within this list of copyright models, it’s time to start shopping for your new key fob!

  • S60
  • S80
  • V40
  • V60
  • V70
  • XC60
  • XC70
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Volvo Remote Key Fobs

For Volvo key accessories, you have several options. Each remote will come with different buttons and features. Every remote will include buttons for locking and unlocking. But you may also get features with your remote in addition to the unlock and locking options. When shopping for your remote, take note if it has the following options:

  • An approach lights button
  • A panic button
  • An information button
  • Personal Car Communicator support

If you do not need a complete replacement for your key but only need to replace the battery, we recommend you check out what battery is needed online. The required battery varies between models, but the batteries related to the Volvo keys are:

  • CR2450
  • CR2430
  • CR2032
  • CR2025
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The Pros of Volvo Fobs

Personal Car Communicator (PCC)

Check out an online shop and search for the key fobs “with PCC.” This means the key fob has a Personal Car Communicator service. Select key fobs with this service, and you’ll enjoy bonus features that include an information button that will tell you:

  • If the vehicle is locked or unlocked (a small light will indicate the status of the lock or unlock button).
  • If the panic mode was activated since the vehicle was last locked.
  • If the panic mode was activated in the last 5 minutes.

Bonus Features

For most key fobs, the buttons on the remote will only either lock or unlock the Volvo car. But you get additional support with only a few clicks on your remote. For example, press and hold the lock button to close all the car’s windows and sunroof. This is quite an impressive feature!

Approach Lights

A Volvo car is known for its safety. This dedication to safety is present with the care the brand puts into key fobs. If you must go to your car when it’s late at night, you can use the approach lights button on your remote. It’ll turn on your car’s interior lights and make the search for your vehicle in a parking lot much easier!

The Cons of Volvo Fobs

No key tag is perfect, and Volvo remotes are no exception. Here’s what you should know about getting a replacement key fob:

Professional Programming Required

There are many fob designs that allow a customer to program the tag themselves. There are even some older Volvo fob remotes that can be self-programmed. But these methods aren’t guaranteed and may jeopardize a warranty you have. Unfortunately, a newer year vehicle will require a locksmith or dealer to program your car to the remote. This service will raise the price of replacing your fob. But at least you don’t need to learn about programming a remote and can guarantee it will be done right!

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Volvo Key Fob?

Volvo remotes vary in what features are included. And yes, this also affects the price. So when you change which replacement fob you select, you can also search for the price that best suits your budget. With such variety, the remotes themselves vary in price within the $40-$150 range. The most significant factor in determining price is whether PCC (Personal Car Communicator) comes with the remote. The customer will pay a higher price when a replacement remote undergoes programming by a locksmith, dealer, or auto shop. However, a customer’s price will vary based on where they get programming support and the provider’s prices.

Why Are Volvo Keys So Expensive?

When you need a replacement Volvo key fob, you can’t program it yourself as a customer. Every customer will need to have vehicles programmed to the remote control by a professional. But as a customer, you can reduce the price. Make sure you call or email several locksmiths or dealers. When you call or email, note the prices just to program the fob (not for the Volvo key fob itself). Based on your call or email with each programmer, you can decide the best deal since you must have it programmed by someone else.

How Do I Get a New Volvo Key Fob?

Whether you care to have an extra remote key or have lost the keys to your vehicle, you’ll need to pay for the key fob and to have the remote key programmed. For purchasing the remote key, you can shop online, and the store will ship the keys to you. You can also email a locksmith or Volvo dealer to set up an appointment, but they will likely be more expensive. To program the keys, take the vehicle and keys to a locksmith, dealer, or any other Volvo affiliates. They can program the keyless entry for Volvo vehicles.

What Do the Buttons Do on a Volvo Key Do?

The Volvo keys let you do a lot with your vehicle just from one remote, including:

  • Lock and unlock the vehicle doors and trunk
  • Open and close the windows and sunroof
  • Turn on approach lights
  • Unlock the trunk only
  • Turn the alarm off and on
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Verdict: Buying a Volvo Key Remote Control

As a proud Volvo driver, you care about your vehicle. That’s why you want only the best for your driving experience. And with Volvo, this includes a remote key with many features. Get the most safety features, knowledge, and convenience all from one remote with the Volvo fobs. Email your dealer or a professional automotive locksmith for assistance with obtaining a new one.