Do-It-Yourself Honda Key Fob Battery Replacement

These are the 5 Most common Honda Key Fobs and the batteries inside.
These are the 5 Most common Honda Key Fobs and the batteries inside.

Is the battery in your Honda key fob running low? Does it take more time to respond when you press the buttons? Your Honda key fob most likely needs a battery replacement.

I’ll show you the exact battery you need to replace and where you can buy it online. You will find every step for every Honda fob here.

Honda does not use the same battery size for each key fob. See your vehicle model below to find my videos and tutorials on how to change the battery in your specific Honda car or truck key fob remote. You can also look at your fob and match it to the picture on this page to find the correct battery.

Honda Models

Newest Honda Smart Key Fob

Honda CR-V Key Battery Replacement Guide 2016 - 2020

The newest smart key fob uses the most common replacement battery, a CR2032. You can see in my video above changing this fob for a CR-V.

Honda smart key fob battery size
Final Image Honda Smart Key

How to Replace the Battery in the Honda Smart Key Fob

Total Time: 2 minutes

1. Remove the emergency key

Honda Smart Key Remove the emergency key

To do this, flip the key fob over to show the Honda logo. Press down the button while you pull the silver top for the key to come out.

2. Open the key fob

Honda Smart Key Open the key fob

Now, insert the emergency key into the indentation on each side of the key fob. Push and twist gently until the device separates into two halves. Slide the back of the key fob away.

3. Remove the old battery

Honda Smart Key Remove the old battery

Use a flathead screwdriver or any other thin tool for this. Be sure to check the number on the old battery (e.g., CR2032) and make sure it corresponds to the number on the replacement battery.

4. Install the new battery

Honda Smart Key Install the new battery

This is where you slide in your new battery to replace the old one you just removed. Ensure it’s in the same position as the previous one. Also, clean the new battery if you observe any stains. Keeping your remote clean before you close it back up may prevent grime from interfering with the battery.

5. Reassemble the key fob

Honda Smart Key Reassemble the key fob

Click each button and check the results are as you’d expect (i.e., doors/trunk close and open properly, closed doors lock, and the vehicle starts normally) after putting the new battery in your remote.

Other Honda Key Fob Types

Physical Key with Rounded Remote Key Buttons

Smart physical key with rounded key buttons. This is the older of the two physical smart keys used by Honda.

DIY Honda Accord Key Battery Replacement: 2003-2012 (2003 - 2012)

This fob type uses a CR 1616 coin battery.

Physical Key with Rectangle Unlock and Lock Buttons

🚗 DIY Honda Accord Key Battery Replacement 2013-2017! 🔋

Honda integrated smart key with rectangle buttons. Used in mid 2010’s Honda Accord Sedans & other Honda models. This is the newer of the two Honda smart keys.

Remote Fob Key with Rounded Case and Rounded buttons

How To Replace A 2005 - 2010 Honda Odyssey Key Fob Battery

This rounded remote takes a CR 2025 battery. This older fob used with some Odyssey’s uses a CR2025.

Old Rounded Remote

Honda Key Fob Battery Replacement - DIY

The oldest Honda smart key fob. Fully rounded rob on top and bottom. Takes a CR2025 battery.

Honda Key Fobs — Everything You Need to Know

What Is A Honda Key Fob?

The Honda key fob is a keyless entry remote device that allows its users to lock and unlock their cars, open the trunk, or start the vehicle’s engine remotely. The key fob is able to function properly because of the battery. This battery typically has a lifespan of a few years before the need for a replacement.

Types of Honda Key Fob for Keyless Entry

Most of the fobs listed will be provided with your car when you purchase it from a dealer service. Others you can add to your online shopping cart if you fancy upgrading to a keyless entry remote.

Honda Rectangular Button Smart Key Fob

This remote control is the newest model available to add to your cart. It’s a great option if you’re looking for keyless entry fobs for your car. It can save time with handy lock/unlock buttons and works with most models.

You can get these remotes from an automotive dealer with your car or purchase them from an online electronics store selling car parts and accessories.

Honda Smart Fob Key with Rounded Case & Buttons

These fobs come with lock/unlock buttons for the car and the option to choose which side to open for quick entry. These models are often available in online sales, so it’s worth putting a couple in your cart if you find them at a low price. You can phone a locksmith to program these parts at any time.

Honda Smart Fob Rounded on Both Sides of Key

This elegant remote includes buttons to open and lock the vehicle doors and a button to open the trunk. If you’re a customer who prefers parts from Honda, Inc. (instead of throwing discount items into your cart), you may be glad to know that this model displays the Honda make and logo. If you find that you value results over branding, the inclusion of the logo is just a bonus.

Honda Integrated Physical Key with Smart Buttons

This remote includes a physical key as well as buttons. When you add this device to your cart, you’ll gain access to the remote locking/unlocking functions for your vehicle. Plus, the integrated physical key is present to help you start the ignition if something goes wrong with the buttons.

These remotes are commonly provided with a number of current Honda models and are a sign that the company is embracing keyless entry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Honda key fob?

You can find used Honda fobs on eBay from $10 on up. But these would still need to be programmed. Batteries for a Honda Key fob are usually around a dollar to two dollars for each battery on Amazon.

What battery does the Honda fob take?

Most Honda models use CR1616 and CR1620 batteries.

However, key fobs from Honda use a variety of batteries, but the good news is that:

  1. If you have an account on a popular online retail service, you can find all of them with a quick search and add them to your cart.
  2. These batteries aren’t free, but they are pretty cheap to add to your cart.

CR batteries used in key fobs and vehicles using electronic car key options are widely available. We recommend that you check the number on the battery displayed before purchase. Then, view it again when the product arrives and before you open the plastic.

Pro tip: CR1616 and CR1620 batteries are similar, but the CR1620 is thicker. If you insert a battery into an electronic entry key and it doesn’t close properly, it needs the thinner CR1616. Likewise, if the battery rattles around when the entry fob is closed, you need a thicker option.

What if my Honda key fob battery dies?

Your dealer may say, “call us if your fob dies,” but you don’t need to contact a professional simply to replace the battery. This is a service you can perform yourself if you follow my videos.

How do I program a Honda key fob?

If you have a new remote, you may need to call a locksmith to program it. A car dealer may also say, “call us to program your remote,” but if you don’t buy vehicles or remotes from them, they may be less forthcoming. For this reason, it’s good to have a locksmith’s number if you’re close to buying a new remote entry device online.