Ferrari Key Fobs – Everything You Need to Know

Pressing a button and unlocking your car is a huge step forward in automotive technology. If you don’t own a Ferrari key fob just yet, it may be time to invest in one. While they may seem like something from the future, they are now sold in several shapes, sizes, and styles.

Perhaps you need to shop for a replacement key. Are you looking for a keyless entry remote or remote key fob? You probably have some questions concerning the differences between the original Ferrari design and the now smart keyless entry remote style. We are here to clear things up!

Read on to learn all about these keys, their features, average price, and more!

Features and Functions

red person with keyfob of red Ferrari supercar

A typical fob from Ferrari will often provide you with the most fundamental functions of locking and unlocking the vehicle. While the latest models may raise a question or two due to their strange looks, we are here to highlight all of the features available in a Ferrari key fob. Most come with their own little gimmick and an increase in battery capacity.

Easy to Use Buttons

Even for the older models like the Classic 360, the design was carefully thought out to include features through button made for easy use. Features like the charge level monitoring led warning clicker button or a separate warning clicker button made the 360 almost timeless. The typical product will also have access to a set of lock/unlock buttons as well as a trunk button for ease of use.

250% Longer Battery Charge

You will never have to worry about a faulty battery thanks to the ion battery that lasts a long time. Ferrari fobs are all made with a lithium ion battery that last 250% longer than the competition.

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Unique Design

As with all fobs from Ferrari, the design is what keeps their reputation going. The car you drive is pretty clear when someone sees your fob hanging from your keychain. And, as their products advance, Ferrari has to choose to make their products as comprehensive as possible year after year.

Types of Key Fobs

There are several types of Ferrari fobs. The one for you vehicles depends on the year and model. Each vehicle will use a different type of fob designed specifically for the needs of the vehicle. Of course, this would mean that more modern Ferrari cars would have more advanced technologies built-in like LED warning clicker buttons or battery charge level monitoring within the product.

But that doesn’t mean an older Ferrari is outdated. Based on the many reviews that Ferrari received for its previous products, it’s pretty clear that users love the old technology just as much as the new.

Let’s go through each type of key fob to find the one perfect for your car.

Remote Key Fob

The first type of key fob is the traditional remote key fob. A traditional key fob allows you to remotely unlock the car with the press of a button. It is as simple as the word gets.

Most keyless entry remotes will have the following:

  • Lock/unlock feature
  • Panic alarm trigger
  • Button to release trunk

If you are looking for a replacement key or need an additional charge, please contact us.

Keyless Entry Remote

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Ferraris can also use a keyless entry remote model for their fob made for easy, precise usage instead of its keyed counterpart. While this type of fob looks like a traditional key fob, the keyless entry remotes completely extract the need for any physical keys to be used at all.

4 Digit Pin Code and Immobilizer Fob

For a car model similar to the Ferrari 360, you may have noticed 1 red master fob, a set of black additional fobs, and a slip of paper with a 4 digit pin code of your car. These are 100% compatible with the Ferrari immobilizer system, or the system that ensures that your new vehicle belongs to you, and are a must if you plan on driving your car. Another great feature of the new, upgraded versions is that they have a longer battery charge level than their predecessors do.

We will go into detail on the immobilizer systems later on.

How Much is a Ferrari Key Fob?

The exact price of a new, upgraded remote key is difficult to pin down, but a typical 4-button remote can be found for roughly $250. For older models, prices hover around $100 instead.

For a keyless entry remote, you’re looking at about double. These fobs typically use a frequency over a physical key to both unlock the car doors and start the ignition. The price for a full set of keyless entry remotes is from $475 to $575, but it depends on where you purchase it from.

How Secure Are They?

Along with this convenience, however, lies a hidden security threat. Traditional key fobs tend to use waves not visible to the human eye to send commands to the car. This wave can be hijacked by hackers and stored so that they could clone it into their own fob.

Of course, the question of security becomes visible and is something we need to address. Many people believe that keyless vehicles are easier to steal due to vulnerability in the systems, but they fail to recognize the full set of security measures built into the product.

The Ferrari Immobilizer System and How it Works

The immobilizer system uses the unique code of your car, otherwise known as the PIN number, and the set of fobs programmed to the correct frequency to authorize that you own the car. This design prevents unauthorized users from using the car as they must have the Ferrari key fob that is connected to the right frequency. Basically, the immobilizer works like your car’s security system.

Ferrari vs. Other Brands

The first question you may have is how is a Ferrari key fob compares to other brands such as Ford. We can address that now by discussing how the regular cost for a Mustang fob can range anywhere from $140 to $360 per fob. Meanwhile, we have seen that a set of Ferrari keys can fluctuate in costs drastically depending on the type of fob you are looking for.

At the end of the day, if you are buying an expensive, luxury car then you should expect a replacement fob to be just as expensive.

Bottom Line

Are you on the market for an original Ferrari fob or are you shopping for the latest product available? Is the level monitoring LED warning not working? Do you need a replacement? Whatever question you may have, contact us for details.