Hyundai Kona Key Fob Battery Remote Replacement (2018 – 2019)

The Kona is a newer model sub-compact SUV that Hyundai introduced in 2018. For other Hyundai models see the Hyundai Fob Battery page. The Kona is a car in the $20-30K range depending on which model and trim you choose. It’s key fob battery requires some tools to replace. Here’s how to do it.

Battery: CR2032

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All Hyundai key fobs use the most common key fob battery, the CR2032 coin style battery. This is nice because it’s a pretty cheap battery to buy, and you can get it to your doorstep same day or next day from Amazon.

How to replace the Hyundai Kona key fob battery 2018-2019

Replacing the battery on the Kona key fob requires a small screwdriver kit to replace the CR2032 battery. I like this kit from Amazon here:

You’ll need a small flathead screwdriver to pop open the outer case it two spots. Be careful to pop open both spots! If you just try to pry open one side, you’ll likely break the plastic on the key fob as you can see I did on my first attempt:

Once you have the fob plastic shell open, there are two small Phillips screws to remove to get access to the battery. Once you’ve removed those, take your small flathead and pry out the CR2032 battery. Put in a fresh new CR2032 coin battery and you’re all set! Screw back on the battery cover and pop the outer plastic shell back in place and you’re all set. You’ve successfully replaced the battery on your Hyundai Kona key fob! Great work!

Here’s a video on replacing the battery inside your Kona flip key fob:

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