Saab Key Fobs — Everything You Need To Know

Replacing a car key can be a stressful task. Thankfully, many high-tech options let you choose how to open and start your vehicle.

This guide will help you understand the most common features of Saab opening devices. You can filter out the possibilities that aren’t right for your vehicle. If you need any extra information, contact your local Saab dealership.

About Saab

Saab, Inc. was a Swedish carmaker known for technical innovations. The manufacturer initially started as a defense and aerospace company but branched into automobile manufacturing.

Unfortunately, the carmaker went bankrupt in 2011, but a new version of the Saab 9-3 went up for auction as late as 2019. Drivers who appreciate Swedish engineering will be happy to know that the Saab vehicles are still on the road in 2021.

Types of Saab Keys Available

It’s important to know what your options are before you sign off on a purchase. There are several types of keys available.

Transponder Ignition Key

Transponders insert directly into the door lock and ignition. They are more common in older models.

Keyless Entry Remote

This option is available for most newer models. It contains software that lets you access your vehicle without physically inserting the key.

To learn more about which option is compatible with your vehicle, contact your local dealer.

Features and Functions

Although types of remote entrance systems differ, they share some standard features:

Transmitter Technology

The transmitter technology in your remote allows automatic entrance when you’re within a certain distance of your vehicle.


A remote key is easy to use. It’s great if you have mobility issues and struggle with physically inserting a device.

Only Works with Your Vehicle

The item only works with your vehicle—no need to worry about robbery or mistakes.

Extra Buttons

Your remote can include extra features for no extra price, like a panic alarm or boot opening software.

Read on to find out more about the price of your item, how to find your VIN, and more.

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How Much Is a Saab Key Fob?

The price of your Saab keys depends on a range of factors:

Key Type

A remote transmitter will be more expensive than a standard key.

The Number of Keys

You can save money by buying several items at one time to reduce shipping costs.

Key Programmed

Some parts of your automotive keys must be programmed to work with another car other than the original one. Programming will cost extra.

Key Cost

Usually, the cost of replacement Saab keys is low, even with shipping. It’s a good idea to research different possibilities and filter out any results showing high prices for parts.

Shipping to Your Address

You’ll see this fee at checkout if you search and buy online.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s natural for a customer to have questions about any car parts they buy. If you want additional information that you can’t view on this page, please email or call the customer service center of your preferred dealer.

Are All Saab Keys the Same?

Not all Saab replacement keys are the same. Each Saab model has varying parts. When you order a car, the part of the key that lets you enter your Saab is programmed to open only your vehicle.

How Do I Find My Saab Key Code?

You can see the original manual for the key code information.

What If I Don’t Have the Manual?

If this is not the case, please call or email your local Saab dealer. You will likely have to enter details, like your address, VIN, and the vehicle’s year and model, to obtain the key number.

Can You Get Replacement Key Fobs?

It is easy to find replacement key fobs — whether your car is from 1995, 2003, or 2021. However, if your car is from a time when key fobs were unavailable, they may not be compatible with your vehicle—phone or email a supplier before adding any parts to your shopping cart.

You will also need to have any key programmed to work with your car. However, it is easy to speak to a licensed dealer or service that can do the programming.

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Can I Get a Saab 9-3 Key Fob?

You can get key fobs for a Saab 9-3, but it depends on the vehicle year. The first Saab 9 3 launched in 1998, so not all models have the option of a keyless remote.

What If My Vehicle Is Older?

Newer Saab vehicles are much more likely to have a key fob or keyless remote option. A customer can speak to a dealer for more information about possibly customizing a keyless entry remote or transmitter for older models.

How Do I Know That My Saab Key is Genuine?

Third-party sellers may sell products that are not genuine and don’t work. Make sure that the shop the items come from is well-reviewed and legitimate to avoid getting scammed.

How Do I Check If My Dealer Is Reputable?

Please always be careful when you order any automotive part. It’s a good idea to ask additional specialist questions when shopping for any car parts. If the center cannot provide the programming or model information, you should choose a different supplier.

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of these products to consider before adding one to your cart:


  • Easy to Buy: You can buy car parts in person or get them online and ship them to your address. Whether your fob is from 2003 or 2021, there’s an item for you.
  • Change Items Easily: Visit your nearest dealership center to inquire about programming your vehicle for remote entry.
  • Accessible: Remote transmitters offer a number of benefits that can make life easier.


  • Limited Programming: A keyless remote must work with your car specifically. You may need to find your VIN for this.
  • Price for Older Vehicles: If you have a very old model, like a classic car, only certain types of entry systems will be available to you. Customization will increase the price.

Verdict: Should You Get a Saab Key Fob?

There’s a reason why these items are so popular with car owners. They’re easy to use, relatively low in price, and can have any number of handy extra features.

When buying a remote entry device, you should always use a reputable service. Whether you urgently need a new item or want one more product in case of a break, there’s a key fob that’s perfect for you.