Tata Motors Key Fobs—Everything You Need to Know

With the high cost of diesel Tata vehicles, the last thing a Tata car owner needs to worry about is finding time to get a new key fob from their dealer.

Many are also hesitant to begin their search for a new key fob due to the technologically advanced keys on the market—like for the 2021 Tata Nexon XZA. Still, your keys are essential to start your engine, unlock your doors, and keep the inside of your car safe.

As the owner of a Tata Motors car, you need to know how to maintain vehicle security and protect your Rs 2100000 Lakh investment. With constant keyless entry remote advancements in the auto world, security is easier than ever for the informed customer.

Follow this guide to learn more about the car keys on the market for Tata vehicles.

What Kind of Keyless Entry Device Is Used for Tata Nexon, Tiago, Altroz, Tigor, and Herrier?

Fob devices function like a remote due to a chip fitted within the fob case. These days, all fob devices are made for vehicles that you can enter without keys—even though you get an emergency key from your dealer with your first remote. This is true whether you’re the owner of a Tata Nexon XZ, Tiago XZA, or another model.

Unlike other car brands that have many key variations, Tata cars have just two main forms. This is great news for anyone trying to find their second key fob.

Read more below to learn about the two Tata fob types and to figure out which one works with your vehicle. You can also follow along with the manufacturer’s official comparison of your model’s features, including key security.

Keyless Entry Key Fob—Flip Key

One entry device you’ll see with Tata vehicles is a fob device with a flip key attached. The key functions as a second chance to access your vehicle if the fob portion malfunctions. Unlike with a smart remote, you also need the key to turn on your car.

This variation is common with many older models—such as the Tigor. Models such as the Tata Nexon would not use a flip key as production began with the rise of smart devices.

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Keyless Entry Key Fob—Smart Key

As the next main fob type, smart keys let us see the number of remote innovations that have been made in a short amount of time. As long as your smart key is around your car, you should be able to turn on the engine and drive without any keys. This second type of fob remote would be more common with newer models—such as the 2021 Tata Nexon XZA or the 2021 Tata Nexon XZ+.

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Common Problems with Tata Motors Fob Devices

Now that you understand the differences between the two main remote types, you should know a number of scenarios that would lead to a replacement. If you experience one issue multiple times or even daily, another fob device could help.

Your Car Doesn’t Turn On When Hitting Start/Stop Button

Assuming there’s no other issue with your car—like a dead battery—a dying or faulty smart key might bar you from driving your car. This can be especially frustrating for Nexon owners who may have only gotten a smart device or Nexon key wristband. However, don’t forget to hit the ignition button at an appropriate speed—pushing it too quickly or shallowly would also cause this issue.

You Can’t Open or Enter Your Car

Ideally, you will have at least one manual entry key from when you purchased your car, but you shouldn’t have to resort to this option. As with the ignition, check that you’re opening the door at a moderate speed. These days, cars will remain locked if you try to open the doors too fast, and could alarm if you fail to open them multiple times.

Your Device Opens Other Vehicles

Some Tata drivers have said that their Tiago remote could have been used to enter another car next to theirs. This one malfunction has been controversial enough to make auto news, though the manufacturer has not said anything in response. This issue hasn’t been reported with models like Nexon, but don’t hesitate to show your dealer the faulty key if you also experience this malfunction.

What to Know Before Buying a Tata Motors Keyless Entry Remote

The first thing you need to do before buying a new device is search for a reputable fob sales manager. Read through the tabs on their storefront and what any customer reviews have said to get an idea of their legitimacy. This is especially important if you get a key part from an individual seller—such as a sales manager on Facebook marketplace.

The second step is to read the last portion of the product page to see if it needs dealer, DIY, or auto locksmith programming. You would usually go to a dealer to get a programming service, and this would allow your replacement device to unlock your car doors. However, you may find one or two products where you can avoid an expensive dealer service and simply follow a DIY tutorial.

Know Your Tata Motors Remote Options

Whether you’re the owner of a Nexon XZA or one of the many other Tata vehicles, it’s important to get a replacement key fob if your current one has an issue. Tata is one particular car make that doesn’t have a large range of keys, so getting your first replacement can be easier than you think. Your key fob needs a program service to open and start your car, so make sure you know whether your dealer or an auto locksmith will handle this service for you.

Even if you know what kind of new key will start your car engine, it’s important to stay up to date on information regarding your fob remote. You should be able to find new news directly from your dealer or social media—such as a Facebook post from a key fob seller. There’s unlikely to be a daily new post or news about keys, but customers can still maintain security by staying up-to-date.