Fixing a Broken Honda Key Fob Case Cover

A few months ago, I moved in with my girlfriend and she gave me the extra key to her car. The problem was, the key case was broken, so the key kept falling out, and the battery was dead so the unlock and lock function didn’t work. Luckily I know a thing or two about key fobs, so I decided to tackle fixing it.

I was able to do this fix in about 5 minutes and for under $10 once I had the replacement case from Amazon.

Here’s the video overview:

I used these products in the video:

Honda Replacement Case:

Small screwdriver set:

The key points in replacing the broken case are to make sure you have the right battery (CR 1616 in this case) if you need a new battery, and a pair of needle nose pliers are handy for holding and removing the small screw.

If you need more guides to Honda fob batteries, check out the Honda category page or model pages like the CR-V.

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